Joey Feek Sets New Goal: Singer Determined To Live Through February

Joey Feek has set a new goal… to live through February.

The singer, who is part of the duo Joey and Rory with her husband Rory Feek, has been battling cancer since she was diagnosed last year. The disease has taken a toll on her body, making her incredibly weak and leaving her confined to her bed. However, despite her prognosis, Joey has never given up on hope for a miracle. She remains strong in her faith, and still believes she can beat this “monster” we call cancer.

On Monday, December 7, Rory shared an update on the duo’s Facebook page, revealing some very exciting news… Joey and Rory’s version of “If I Needed You” has been nominated for a Grammy Award. The couple decided to record the song to celebrate the birth of their daughter Indiana, and they later used their version as the background music to Indiana’s birth video, which Rory shared on his blog, This Life I Live. They never thought the song would be nominated for such a prestigious award, and Joey’s tears of joy proved it.