Voxel Adventure MMORPG ‘Trove’ Launches New PvP Battle Arena

Player-versus-player combat officially launches in Trove today. The Battle Arena is finally coming out of the beta testing and will now reward players willing to go to battle against each other with Battle Factor and banners. Banners are a new equipped item that only functions while battling other players, and Battle Factor defines how many Battle Boxes a player can earn each week.

Only so many Battle Boxes can be earned each week in Trove. These boxes contain the special PvP banners that can be equipped for PvP-specific bonuses, or they can be broken down at a Loot Collector for Arena Tokens. Arena Tokens can be spent at the Battle Broker inside the Hub's Battle Arena for three unique mounts. As players spend time in the arena, Battle Boxes are earned. According to the official Trove website, as players fight against each other their Battle Level will increase. A higher Battle Level will increase the maximum amount of Battle Factor the player has, meaning they will earn more Battle Boxes each week.

Other changes to Trove include a slightly redesigned character sheet, an updated Hub with more portals, and a week-long bonus of double Chaos Factor. As the official patch notes state, the character sheet now only lists one node for each piece of equipped gear instead of two. Previously, one node displayed the current stat gear equipped while the second node indicated which appearance style was used over the equipped gear. Now, there is only one node for a player's hat, weapon, and face. Players can still click the node in the character sheet to select an appearance style to use while they can still equip gear from their inventory by right-clicking the item.

The Hub in Trove complete with all Adventure Portals [Image via Trion Worlds]The Hub in Trove is now also home to all Adventure Portals instead of stopping at the Uber One portal. All portals, up to and including Uber Six, are now available in the Hub, giving players without guild access or the means to craft these portals a way to play through higher difficulties of the game. Moreover, this week's bonus running in the game is double the Chaos Factor. Each point of Chaos Factor will count as two this week, granting more Chaos Chests to those with active Chaos Factor. Chaos Factor is acquired by reaching key Mastery milestones. Players also receive a large Chaos Factor boon from being subscribed to Trove.

Subscribing to the game now is cheaper than ever during a special sale on Patron status, too. Patron status bundles are now available within the in-game store, and to celebrate their arrival, they are on sale. Bundles of Patron subscription status come in three-month, six-month, and one-year intervals. Although these have been available via the Trove website, they can now also be purchased within the game. The three-month Patron subscription is just $34.99 instead of $40.47 during the sale. The six-month option is just $59.99 instead of $71.94, and the one-year subscription is just $99.99 instead of $131.88. Patron status gives the player's account 50 percent more experience, four Chaos Factor, two extra flask charges, five jumps, and boosts to several other aspects of the game. These include Lasermancy, crafting speed, and magic find.

The new Trove packs in the store [Image via Trion Worlds]This week in Trove players can continue to work on completing their Winter Dragon ascension as well as enjoy the Snowfest event. As the Inquisitr reported, Snowfest Mystery Boxes are dropping all over the game. Players can open these for a chance at collecting new mounts, skins, and snowballs to toss at friends.

The Battle Arena update also added a number of packs to the in-game store. Players will notice four new packs purchasable in the Trove store. The Collector's Pack, The Creator's Pack, The Battle Pack, and The Radiant Pack are now available. Be sure to check out the contents of each pack on the official Trove website. Each pack is $20 except for The Radiant Pack which costs $30.

[Image via Trion Worlds]