Video Shows Teen Punching Boy With Down Syndrome Repeatedly

A video is currently going viral, which shows a 14-year-old girl repeatedly punching a boy with Down Syndrome and Cerebral Palsy, and now the girl has been arrested. The Daily Mail reports the unnamed teenager has also taken to social media to "tell her side" of the story, but was there really an excuse for violently assaulting the mentally disabled boy?

The incident reportedly took place in Melbourne last Friday when the teenager -- who was with a group of unidentified friends -- approached the disabled boy, who was sitting on top of a shopping cart in Bourke Park. The video shows the teen girl approaching the lad and punching him in the face two times. As she walks away from the boy, the other teenagers can be heard laughing.

The force of the punches injured the victim -- who isn't being named in media reports. He can be seen in the video with blood down the front of his shirt and on his face as he slumps forward after being punched twice in the face.

The Sun reports that the video was later posted to LiveLeak and then to a page on Facebook titled "Most Wanted Lads." Immediate outrage rose in response to the video, causing it to go viral -- and eventually leading to the arrest of the teen girl seen punching the boy in the clip.


After the outrage that resulted from the video hit the internet, the foolish teen took to Facebook to argue "her side" of what happened.

"First of all he was threatening me and my closest friends saying he was going to hit us and he actually raised his fist to me. Second of all everyone that was there wanted to do it but didn't have the balls to."
After tiring of arguing her point with the people expressing disgust on the video, she offered a final retort.
"I have my own problems to deal with I don't care about this s***."
The teenager is expected to be charged with a count of reckless conduct causing injury and a count of assault. Authorities have also been in contact with the mentally disabled victim shown in the viral video. The victim reportedly can't remember the incident because he was "very intoxicated" at the time.
Since when is it ok to f*cking do this to a disable person or anyone in general, wtf is wrong with people these days???#realkingsgive #exalted #houseofselfeffort #redkingsinghtv

Posted by Red Singh on Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Hate people like this. Wtf if that was anyone in my family I would hunt u down. Some sick kids in this world. She will...

Posted by Kylie Coco Pops Cherriff on Tuesday, December 8, 2015

On social media, people are still responding with complete disgust for the 14-year-old girl's actions, as the video continues to spread like wildfire. There are also people who presumably know the girl on Twitter and Facebook, who have called her out by name, publicly shaming her for the alleged assault.

Men accused of beating disabled man on video; Photo courtesy of Oakland County Sheriff's Office
Men accused of beating disabled man on video; [Photo courtesy of Oakland County Sheriff's Office]This isn't the first time an assault on a disabled person has gone viral. Earlier this month, a disabled man was beaten by a group of thugs who also filmed the assault with the man's cellphone. When they were done, they uploaded the video of the violent assault on the man's personal Facebook page.

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