‘Scream Queens’ Season Finale Preview, Plus Creator Ryan Murphy Confirms 4 Characters Will Return For Season 2

The entire first season of Scream Queens is just about over, and there is still a lot of mystery surrounding the murder spree at Kappa Kappa Tau. Luckily, that will change as the identity of the last remaining Red Devil killer will finally be revealed in the two-hour season finale, titled “Dorkus/The Final Girl(s).” With that in mind, there have been some interesting developments that offer a hint at what is to come.

For starters, Hidden Remote is reporting that an official promo image has been released that features Chanel (Emma Roberts), Chanel Number Five (Abigal Breslin), Chanel Number Three (Billie Lourd), Zayday (Keke Palmer), and Hester (Lea Michele) all crowding over what appears to be the Red Devil on the floor. While the identity of the killer is not shown in the image, it is interesting to note that Grace (Skyler Samuels) is not present with the other girls. Could she be the killer?

Emma Roberts [Image via Fox] Emma Roberts [Image via Fox]Apart from the official Scream Queens promo image, a short teaser trailer has also been released. Although the trailer is mostly filled with loud shrieks and creepy music, Zayday is shown taking the Red Devil’s mask off. Although the face of the killer is concealed, the killer appears to be wearing a hair cap. This would indicate that either the killer is a girl and needed to keep her hair in order, or that the show was being clever in keeping the hair color a secret.

Lastly, an interesting photograph has surfaced on Twitter that depicts Chanel, Number Five and Number Three, all wearing prison jumpsuits. Although the meaning of the photo is unclear, it is possible that the three will be arrested during finale after being framed for the murders. Whether or not they are truly guilty for their crimes is yet to be seen.

Whatever ends up being revealed in the finale, fans can rest assured that it will likely come as a complete surprise. This is something that creator Ryan Murphy recently hinted at during an interview with Variety. Apparently, the identity of the Red Devil is so shocking that even some members of the cast were surprised to discover who was lurking behind the red mask.

“[The cast has] been blackmailing me, bribing me, writing me,” Murphy stated in the interview. “They all have their theories about who they think it is, and none of them have been right, which makes me very happy. I love their enthusiasm, because I feel, hopefully, that the audience will share it.”

Meanwhile, in addition to Red Devil revelations, there are a number of deaths set to take place in the coming episode. Although fans will certainly be sad to see some of their favorite characters die, Murphy has confirmed that some of the characters will be included in the next season of the hit horror comedy.

Keke Palmer [Image via Fox] Keke Palmer [Image via Fox]According to Design & Trend, Murphy revealed that at least four characters would be returning to the show in the second season. That being said, the show has yet to be renewed for a new season even though Murphy has already started casting. Given the show’s popularity, it is likely that FOX will make a renewal announcement in the coming weeks.

While it isn’t known which characters will be returning to the show, Keke Palmer recently told Carter Matt that the new setting for the second season will be similar to summer camp. “I loved the idea of the Summer Camp. I love that because it reminds me of Jason [from Friday the 13th], it reminds me of horror movies that I grew up watching and loving.”

The two-hour season one finale of Scream Queens is set to air Tuesday night on FOX.

[Image via Fox]