Sean Lowe Announces 'Bachelor' Baby On The Way

Fans of The Bachelor have been waiting on the news for years that Sean and Catherine Lowe would be having a baby, and that news is finally here after a lot of speculation. This couple met on the show and then got married, but this will be the first child for Sean and Catherine. Sean went to his Instagram page today to share the happy news with fans.

Lowe posted a picture of them together and he has his hand on Catherine's belly. Along with it, he posted the caption "It's happening! I'm going to be a dad! 👰🏻👱🏻👶🏻🐶🐶." This is really exciting news for the couple. Of course, fans are going crazy in the comments and can't wait to see their little bundle of joy.

Just a week ago Catherine posted that it isn't nice to ask people about being pregnant, who might not be.

Catherine Lowe also went to her Instagram page to share a photo. It simply says "Hey baby" and is a new picture of her with husband Sean Lowe.

Catherine and Sean Lowe
[Image Via Instagram]Sean Lowe recently admitted that he joined the show Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars for the paycheck. The extra money was a lot and would be very helpful for them. Sean and Catherine also talked to Trista Sutter about the show and she made them feel comfortable about doing it after her experience on the show.

Now, Sean Lowe is going to his blog and explaining why they stuck around. He wanted to leave the show after just one day, but Sean and Catherine didn't do that and decided to stay. They actually made the decision to leave the show, but then Sean and Catherine didn't leave and he explains why.

"Of course, it wasn't that easy. The producers had to come speak with us. Then, Elizabeth Carroll (one of the Boot Camp counselors) came and spoke with us. The producers didn't do much to sway me, but Elizabeth certainly did. Since it was only the first day, I had no idea who she was as a person and what she stood for. She started the conversation by explaining her passion for reaching people for Jesus and that Marriage Boot Camp was her ministry. She listened to me as I raised my concerns for Catherine and me and the young people who follow us, and she validated those concerns with understanding. But she said something that really stuck with me. Elizabeth said, 'sometimes evangelism requires you to get dirty.'"
Sean Lowe says he stuck around and shared about Jesus with every single person on the show. They supported and encouraged the other people on the show, and it sounds like it was worth it in the end. Sean and Catherine Lowe are obviously doing well, and now they have a baby on the way. Sean is actually telling his younger fans not to watch the show.
"I still can't in good conscience recommend the show to any of our younger followers. But, I hope those who do watch will notice our attempt at encouraging and supporting the other cast members."
The Bachelor has had its fair share of success stories and total failures. Obviously, Sean and Catherine Lowe is one of their great success stories. This couple has not shared all of the details yet of their pregnancy, but from the pictures, it is obvious that Catherine isn't very far along yet and fans can't wait to hear all of the details from the couple.
Are you surprised to hear the news that Sean and Catherine Lowe have a baby on the way? Sound off in the comments below and don't miss watching Sean and Catherine on Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars on Friday nights on WE TV.

[Image Via Instagram]