WWE Rumors: Rey Mysterio Chooses Lucha Underground Over Vince McMahon

Latest WWE rumors are suggesting that Rey Mysterio has chosen Lucha Underground as opposed to doing business with Vince McMahon again, according to Wrestling Inc.

Rey Mysterio chooses Lucha Underground

In the world of professional wrestling, very few guys are as popular as Rey Mysterio. Fans snatch up all of his merchandise and pay good money to fill up the arenas when he is in town. Just about every promoter in the world is interested in working with the guy. Two of the promotions with high interest in Mysterio are WWE and Lucha Underground. Vince McMahon is more than willing to patch things up with Rey because he knows that it would be best for business.

Lucha Underground just scored a rare victory over the much bigger WWE. Reports have surfaced that Rey Mysterio is going to be making an appearance for the promotion when they film a television episode in Los Angeles on Saturday. Those that keep up with AAA, the promotion in Mexico where Mysterio mainly works, know that the popular masked performer is currently injured and on crutches. That means that he will definitely not be wrestling a match if he does indeed show up this weekend.

John Cena and Vince McMahon
John Cena and Vince McMahon. [Photo by WWE]Rey Mysterio contract with Lucha Underground

While there has been no official confirmation of a signing yet, we do have a pretty good idea as to what Rey Mysterio is looking for in a deal. First and foremost, he does not want to work full time. The former world heavyweight champion spent years on the road while working for WWE and WCW. Mysterio is a family man. He sometimes lament being away from his wife and children for so many days, but he knew the money would provide them with a better life than they initially imagined.

Lucha Underground is a new wrestling promotion, so money doesn't flow as freely as it does in WWE. In fact, the company almost went out of business after their first season on television. That means that they are highly unlikely to have the budget to pay Rey Mysterio a great deal of money. The masked performer, though, might be willing to take a chance on Lucha Underground if there was an ownership stake on the table. Mysterio would also prefer to control his merchandising, as that was a good source of revenue for him in WWE.

League of Nations
League of Nations [Photo by WWE]Rey Mysterio in League of Nations

Despite leaving the company on very bad terms after being contractually forced to stay with them for more than a year, Rey Mysterio has not closed the door on a potential return to WWE. On the flip side, Vince McMahon is willing to let bygones be bygones because he knows the amount of money that he can make off of his former world heavyweight champion. The San Diego native recently told the public that he was willing to do business with McMahon again, provided he can dictate his own schedule.

Had Rey Mysterio opted to return to WWE, then there is a ready-made story line waiting for him. The League of Nations has been recruiting foreign wrestlers to join their new stable. The creative department can simply do a story where they try to lure Mysterio into the mix, using his real-life friendship with Alberto Del Rio as the back story. Being the ultimate baby face, however, Rey would reject their offer and receive a big pop from the audience. That could then lead to a WWE Heavyweight Championship match with Sheamus.

Do you think Rey Mysterio should have chosen WWE instead of Lucha Underground?

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