‘Evil’ Woman Gets 190 Years For Locking Teen In Chicken Coop

A judge in Georgia called a woman “evil” before sentencing her to 190 years of imprisonment in a case of horrifying child abuse and neglect. WDAM News reports that Diana Franklin will likely never see the outside of a prison again after being convicted of keeping her adopted teenage daughter locked in a chicken coop. That wasn’t all the Christian homeschooling mom did to the girl.

The case began in 2012 when the teenage girl was rescued from the home where she had been abused by her adoptive mom. The victim testified in court against her former adoptive mother, detailing some of the abuse she endured at the hands of the woman entrusted to care for her. The teenage girl told the court that her mom would make her wear dog shock collars, which she would use to shock the girl into doing chores and behaving the way she wanted. The teen testified that she would put the collars around her waist.

During another occasion, the Georgia woman put a gun to the teen’s head when she threatened to run away from home.

“We walked to the kitchen and she made me sit down then she grabbed her gun out of her purse and put it to my head.”

She also told the court that her adoptive mother would beat her with a belt, using the end with the buckle on it to inflict pain on the teen.

Even though this case gained notoriety in 2012 as the “chicken coop girl case,” the teenager testified in court that Diana Franklin kept her locked up approximately 70 percent of the time on various parts of the property, not just the chicken coop. She was also locked in a garage, an outhouse, and a storage shed, which did not have air conditioning. The inhumane treatment of the adopted teenager led to the judge’s strict sentencing after the woman was convicted.

This isn’t the first time an adoptive parent has been accused of crimes against the children in their custody. For example, public suspicion is heavy against the adoptive parents of missing teenager Erica Parsons. Forensic investigations have found blood on the family property, along with books about the JonBenet Ramsey case. Erica still hasn’t been found, and her adoptive parents are in prison for defrauding the welfare system.

Do you think the judge’s sentence of 190 years was a fitting punishment for what this woman has done? Or do you think it’s pointless to impose sentences that no human could possibly finish unless it’s a specific life or death sentence? Either way, the Georgia woman’s sentence ensures that she will never be able to harm another child again, in particular, the victimized teen she had adopted and then abused.

[Image via Taylor County Sheriff Mugshot]