Miranda Lambert 'Still Processing' Divorce As She Begins To Date Again, Has Her Eye On Sam Hunt?

Miranda Lambert and Blake Shelton announced their divorce in July, and now, months later, the country star is rumored to be "still processing what happened" that led to her split. According to a December 7 report by Youth Health Magazine, Miranda Lambert recently opened up about her breakup from Shelton, admitting to Cosmopolitan that while they gave the marriage their best shot, she isn't quite sure where they went wrong.

"I am still processing everything and figuring out where to go and what happened," Miranda Lambert explained to the magazine for their January 2016 issue. "Marriage is a tough business! We gave it our best college try! If I ever were to get married again - which is completely not on my radar at all right now - I feel like it is not about it being a step in life. It is not about a piece of paper or a diamond. It is the way you feel about somebody and the commitment in your heart."

Miranda Lambert and Shelton were married for four years before their split, and in the months since their breakup, he's moved on in a very public way with his co-star on The Voice, Gwen Stefani. Meanwhile, Miranda Lambert has kept her dating life to herself, and hasn't been spotted with any mystery men since their summer split. However, that isn't to say there haven't been rumors swirling regarding her dating life.

Back in October, rumors began swirling, which linked Miranda Lambert to her tour mate, Sam Hunt. Although the two country singers won't embark on their tour until early next year, a source spoke to OK! Magazine at the time, claiming the two couldn't help but flirt with one another -- and that was exactly what the newly single Miranda Lambert needed at the time.

Below is what a source revealed to OK! Magazine, via Celebrity Dirty Laundry.

"[Miranda Lambert] and Sam can't help but flirt. Spending time with Sam has been a huge lift for Miranda. They are getting very close, he makes her feel sexy and that is exactly what Miranda needs right now."
Also in the report, the source alleged Miranda Lambert and her possible love interest were planning to keep their romance on the down low -- at least for the time being. One month later, a source told Hollywood Life that Miranda Lambert's friends were completely on board with her and Hunt's potential romance.
"[Miranda Lambert] is very much ready to move on, she wants to get on with her life. Sam is going to be on her tour. He's drop dead gorgeous, a lot of people would love to see Miranda and Sam together."
As Shelton and Stefani continue to flaunt their relationship on The Voice and online, Miranda Lambert is keeping a low profile, and that's likely due to her focus being on her upcoming tour, which will take her to a number of different countries, including Scotland and Ireland, starting in March 2016.Miranda Lambert and Shelton have been the target of many rumors regarding the end of their relationship, some of which claim one or the other cheated, but in the press, neither party has had anything bad to say about the other. Instead, both Miranda Lambert and her former husband have taken the high road, choosing to speak highly of one another, and look back lovingly at the time they spent as a married couple.

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