Gwen Stefani And Blake Shelton Questions Evaded With Quips As Wedding Rumors Soar With ‘The Voice’ Coaches’ Love Bites

Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton The Voice

Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton can’t seem to escape questions from curious interviewers. Ever since the Voice coaches seemed to be taking their platonic friendship to the next level after Gwen completed her divorce from Gavin Rossdale and Blake finalized his divorce from Miranda Lambert, romance rumors began to bloom, boosted with a healthy dose of PDA.

So when Gwen and Blake joined the other Voice coaches Adam Levine and Pharrell Williams on the Today show, questions about the hot new couple’s relationship weren’t easy to evade, reported Fox News.

Making it look as if the quartet of coaches were all friendly pals, Stefani sat next to Adam and Pharrell. But that didn’t stop Today co-anchor Natalie Morales from probing the public awareness that Gwen and Blake are dating, and she began the questions with one pointing to that shift from romance rumors to publicized PDA.

Gwen and Blake get questions about what's happening when the chairs are turned on "The Voice."

“Is it good to just be out in the open now?” she questioned Stefani and Shelton.

“That was a nice segue,” joked Williams.

Picking up the signal to protect Gwen and Blake from more intrusive questions, Levine stepped in.

“Next question! Ask the next question before it gets awkward,” warbled Adam.

Stefani showed that she was entertained by their protective responses to Natalie’s questions by giggling.

Gwen And Blake Questions: Has Romance Bummed Bromance?

Shelton was, however, happy to discuss his bromantic life. Adam and Blake have been enjoying a bromance for season after season on The Voice, and part of their bro charm is taunting one another.

“I hate his stupid face,” claimed Levine.

But Shelton had a mean response to the question about a song that would portray the bromance.

“You know that song ‘That Smell’?” pondered Blake about Lynyrd Skynyrd’s 1977 tune.

“Or what about ‘Lick It Up’?” Shelton mused of KISS’ 1983 classic.

In addition to his romance with Gwen and bromance with Adam, Blake also has maintained a bromance with Luke Bryan. But the country musician revealed that he’s been blocked by Shelton from meeting Gwen.

“He doesn’t want me to hug her or anything. He doesn’t want me to meet her,” joked Bryan. “My stepmother is an optometrist and I’m trying to get Gwen an appointment with her.”

Gwen And Blake Questions: Does Shelton Have An Inner Vampire?

Perhaps the real question from an interviewer should be whether Blake is unleashing his inner vampire. An observer watched Gwen and Shelton during the commercial breaks on The View and noted that they were enjoying more than their share of flirty fun, reported Us Weekly.

And then there was the selfie that demonstrated Blake feels that love bites — literally. That selfie said it all, and Gwen shared it on Twitter to show her delight in Shelton’s public affection. Don’t worry: Levine and Williams were there supervising to make sure that the 39-year-old country star didn’t take too much of a nibble from the pop princess’ pretty shoulder.

Gwen and Blake get questions about their romance, but a love bite is worth a thousand words.

Blake sang during The Voice, earning a standing ovation from Gwen for his rendition of “Gonna.” But did the new single have a reference to Stefani’s Rock Steady album?

“Gonna put a rock steady on your hand,” sang Shelton.

In November, a spokesperson for Gwen confirmed to Us that Blake and Stefani were dating.

Gwen And Blake Questions: Will Romance Lead To Wedding Bells?

With all the PDA present lately on The Voice, rumors that Stefani and Shelton are considering marriage have been swirling. True or false?

Hollywood Life reports that one source claims Gwen asked Blake to marry her, and he agreed.

The two reportedly are planning their wedding. Rather than an elaborate marriage ceremony, they just want to head off somewhere such as Mexico for a quiet time to tie the knot.

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