November 13, 2016
Christina Milian Promotes Charity, Christmas: Ignores Lil Wayne, Hair Critics

Christina Milian has been in the headlines because of her daughter's hairstyle choice and the fact that things are officially over between her and Lil Wayne. Regardless, Christina Milian puts all of the negativity aside to show the world that the spirit of Christmas has taken her over.

In a video posted on Instagram on December 7, Christina Milian talks about what Christmas means to her -- and promotes a Christmas contest.

In her social media post, Christina Milian states, "Christmas to me is all about putting out the milk and cookies for Santa with my Violet and spending time with my family." Christina Milian also reminded fans of her #Xmas4U holiday contest on Instagram that gives fans a chance to win one of 10 Christmas trees and other music gear.

Christina Milian has been going to parties without Lil Wayne.
Christina Milian has been lighting up parties and special events without Lil Wayne. (Photo by Mike Windle/Getty Images for GQ Magazine)

However, Christina Milian is promoting a charity along with her Christmas tree contest. On social media, Christina Milian has been posting a picture of herself wearing a limited-edition t-shirt for her 4U album. About the t-shirt, Christina Milian explains that it will only be available for two weeks and proceeds will be given to the Make A Wish foundation.

Obviously too busy to worry about her breakup drama with Lil Wayne, Christina Milian was seen in West Hollywood around December 7, according to the Daily Mail. While she was there, Christina Milian was also giving away bottles of her Viva Diva wine at her friend Vanessa Simmons' party.

Other new projects that Christina Milian is working on include her new girl group. According to E! Online, Christina Milian worked with a girl group, Ceraadi, in the dance studio to train for a Rose Bowl show.

As far as the hair scandal goes, Christina Milian is pushing through one last round of evidence that her child's hair is not causing her pain. Around December 3, Christina Milian posted a picture of her daughter Violet with cornrow clip-on yarn hair that did not sit well with some fans, according to BET.

To counter this, Christina Milian posted pictures of Violet on Facebook and Twitter that showed her loving her adorable purple twists (likely chosen for her namesake).

What Christina Milian has not been doing on social media is giving more attention to Lil Wayne. Sadly, Christina Milian may be a bit peeved that she did not get to spend time with Lil Wayne and his kids over Thanksgiving.

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Christina Milian deleted tweets to Lil Wayne where she indicated that she was unhappy that she was not invited to the Carter family Thanksgiving celebration.

Unfortunately, this incident may have burned Christina Milian since she was called out last year around September 25 by Lil Wayne's ex, Nivea, who said "Lil Wayne would never invite [Christina Milian] to a family function," according to Bossip.

Of course, Christina Milian may be the center of Nivea's rage since Nivea has children with Lil Wayne -- and Christina Milian's ex-husband, The Dream.

Christina Milian fans were upset when she broke off her relationship with Lil Wayne, and this is especially true since she once described their relationship as a "careless, hopeless-romantic love," according to People.

Christina Milian will show Turned Up viewers new dance moves.
Christina Milian will be showing off her dance moves on this season of "Turned Up." (Picture by Rachel Murray/Stringer/Getty Images)

While Christina Milian might be ignoring Lil Wayne on social media, there are still many breakup topics that could be explored in her reality series, Turned Up. For example, fans want to know what will become of the Lil Wayne tattoo Christina Milian got.

Other highlights Christina Milian fans might appreciate seeing on Turned Up include more details about the person she refers to as her "best friend." Along those lines, fans loves Christina Milian's taste in cars. According to the Christina Milian fan-generated webpage, Milianaires, the camera has caught Christina driving luxury cars, but few details are given.

[Picture by Mike Windle/Getty Images]