James Kennedy And Lala Kent Attend Birthday Dinner With Lisa Vanderpump: James Says Lauren Never Mentioned Boyfriend Anthony

While James Kennedy may not be very liked by some of the other cast members of Vanderpump Rules, he is very liked by someone very close to Lisa Vanderpump's heart; her son Max. James and Max are such good friends that James, along with his girlfriend Lala Kent, attended an intimate birthday dinner at Pump on Monday night to celebrate Max's birthday.

James posted a photo of himself and Lala at the dinner table. Besides Max's parents, Lisa and Ken Todd, and sister and brother-in-law, Pandora and Jason Sabo, there were only two other people at the dinner, showing just how close James and Max are.

Did James, Lala, and Lisa talk about the Vanderpump Rules episode that just aired? It certainly was a very dramatic one that centered around James and Lala. The episode, which filmed when James and Lala were just starting to get involved with one another, showed James showing up one day with suspicious marks on his arm right after he told Lala that he likes to be bitten on his arms during sex. During SUR's party for the West Hollywood Pride parade, Lala flirted with Jax Taylor, and the two agreed to meet up later for drinks. Jax proclaimed that he'll have sex with Lala.

Later that day, James told Lala that he had sex with Lauren, another hostess at SUR who was friends with Lala, and it was she who gave him the marks on his arm. Lala immediately confronted Lauren and then ran off to tell Lauren's boyfriend, Anthony, a bartender at SUR, about what Lauren did. Anthony expressed disbelief and went to find Lauren, who was hiding in the kitchen. Lauren, obviously embarrassed and not wanting their argument publicly aired, yelled at Anthony to take off his mic. Lala, standing outside, yelled that it's not fair. Lala then walked off hand-in-hand with Jax in retaliation for what James did.

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Jax Taylor, in a bid to prevent people from writing nasty comments to him and Brittany Cartwright, tweeted that he and Brittany are now happy together, and what they're watching on TV happened months ago. Prior to going off with Lala, Jax told her that he thinks that his relationship with Brittany, with whom he was in a long-distance relationship with, was ending.

After the episode had been aired, James tweeted that Lauren never mentioned her boyfriend, Anthony. James, seemingly to make fun of Jax, also said that Jax apparently hasn't received the memo that skinny is now in. Co-star Katie Maloney replied to the tweet by asking James what happened to the cool guy she met a few years ago, making clear that she doesn't like who James has become. James' tweet has since been deleted.

James, Lala, and Lauren actually all appeared on an After Show episode together to talk about the drama that happened between them. Lauren explained that she didn't know that Lala and James were involved. She also explained that she, after she found out that Lala and James were involved, didn't say anything to Lala about having had sex with James because she didn't know what else to do. James said that he didn't have sex with Lauren to make Lala jealous, but Lala admitted that she felt betrayed by James.

The fact that James Kennedy and Lala Kent are still dating shows that Lala has moved on from what James did with Lauren. While James is good friends with her son, Lisa Vanderpump has no qualms about criticizing James for what he did to Lala. In her latest blog post, Lisa called James an "a**hole."

"When I see James say 'Remember babe? I like to get bitten. Remember that?' Who would say that? Who would actually say that? I mean…Such an ***hole."
[Photo by Tommaso Boddi/Getty Images]