'The Bold And The Beautiful' Spoilers: Steffy Is Wracked With Guilt As Ivy's Condition Remains Serious, Liam Asks Big Questions While Wyatt Is Anxious For Details

What is coming up on Tuesday's episode of The Bold and the Beautiful? Spoilers detail that there is plenty more regarding Ivy and her medical condition while Steffy scrambles to defend herself. There is more on the way regarding Nicole, her pregnancy, and Zende in this show as well. What can viewers expect from this December 8 episode?

As viewers saw during Friday and Monday's B&B episodes, Steffy and Ivy fought as an electrical panel sparked in the background. Ivy tossed Steffy's phone near it, not realizing the danger lingering, and the two fought as Steffy tried to retrieve her phone. Ivy fell back into the panel and was in dire condition.

As Tuesday's show begins, Ivy remains in serious condition at the hospital. The Bold and the Beautiful spoilers from We Love Soaps teases that Liam will overhear Steffy talking about the accident, seemingly to an unconscious Ivy. What he hears leaves him quite stunned since it sounds as if Steffy will apologize to Ivy for what she did.

Liam had been quite distressed to hear that Steffy was with Ivy as the electrocution happened, and he's been anxious to hear her say she wasn't involved at all. However, as viewers know, Steffy was involved. It seems that after hearing Steffy apologize to an unconscious Ivy, he will take it to mean that Steffy was more intentional in harming Ivy than she had previously indicated.

While Ivy's electrocution was an accident, Bold and Beautiful spoilers indicate that Steffy's presence there generates a lot of drama as everybody waits to see if Ivy will fully recover. Steffy and Liam will have something of an intense, but whispered, confrontation at the hospital as word spreads about the accident.

Though Steffy and Ivy have had their fair share of fierce battles and things were ugly in this confrontation before the electrocution, Steffy is clearly quite distraught over Ivy's condition. Bold and Beautiful spoilers have teased that her role in Ivy's accident may soon lead to a split with Liam as he questions how it all went down.

Wyatt split with Ivy over her cheating with Thomas, which is what drove Ivy to track down Steffy for the confrontation. However, as soon as he heard about the accident, he rushed to the hospital.

Viewers will see Wyatt at the hospital waiting to see what happens next, and it sounds as if he may confront Thomas over all that's happened. As this plays out, Bold and Beautiful spoilers indicate that Wyatt will promise to be by Ivy's side, eventually confessing his true feelings to her as she lays unconscious. Will these two manage to repair their relationship in the wake of this emergency?

There is more coming up in Tuesday's show regarding Zende and Nicole as well. It seems that Maya, Zende, Nicole, and others may be talking about Ivy's accident, noting that nobody seems to know just what happened. In addition, Bold and Beautiful spoilers note that there will be some awkwardness between Nicole and Zende.

Zende told Nicole he would stand by her through this surrogacy, but Nicole's father has done his best to plant worries in Zende's head. The Bold and the Beautiful spoilers indicate that on Tuesday's show, there will be some fresh friction surrounding this new couple and the pregnancy.

Celeb Dirty Laundry details that Ridge and Caroline will be getting involved in this mess as this all plays out. There has already been a lot of tension between Thomas, Ridge, and Caroline because it is due to the baby situation, and it seems that Thomas' pursuit of Ivy may create new drama in the wake of the accident.

This accident is setting the stage for quite a bit more drama to come as the week continues. Ivy will be regaining consciousness soon, but that doesn't mean everybody simply goes back to how things were. Steffy is facing consequences, at least on a personal front, for her involvement, and The Bold and the Beautiful fans can't wait to see what comes next.

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