'RHOBH' Star Kyle Richards Is Not Friends With Brandi Glanville, Changes Her Tune Regarding Yolanda Foster

Following a turbulent season 5 of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, the relationship between Kyle Richards and Brandi Glanville has not improved any in season 6. If anything, it has gotten worse. Although some expected things to cool down between the two reality stars in the off-season, Kyle recently told Entertainment Tonight that she and Glanville are far from becoming friends.

"We are not friends at all," Kyle revealed to the outlet. "We didn't really have a foundation to begin with," she added. "It's not like a friend you had a falling out with and you missed them, so there's no love lost there."
Glanville and Kyle were friends when Glanville first joined the series. However, their friendship was short lived and by the end of season 5, the two were involved in a fight that got physical. According to Us Weekly, Glanville blames the entire incident on Kyle, who is consistently involved in feuds with her co-stars.

Brandi Glanville and Kyle Richards have never really gotten along on the 'Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.' [Image via Bravo]
Brandi Glanville and Kyle Richards have never really gotten along on the 'Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.' [Image via Bravo]"With Kyle, if you look at her, she's been in a fight with her own sister, with Lisa Vanderpump, with Carlton [Gebbia], with Camille [Grammer], Yolanda [Foster] she had a problem with, with me, she has problems with everyone," Glanville explained.

According to Reality Tea, one major point of contention between the two reality stars has been Glanville's friendship with Richard's sister, Kim. Although Glanville and Kim will not be featured in the new season as full-time cast members, the two will be making appearances as guest stars.

As many already know, the past season of RHOBH did not end well for Kim. Along with getting arrested for an incident at the Beverly Hills Hotel for being drunk in public, Kim entered rehab multiple times in order to get her substance abuse under control.

With that in mind, Kyle has stated that Kim was not booted from the show because of her past problems. Instead, Kyle explained that the timing of the production of season 6 just happened to coincide with a period when Kim was busy "taking care of herself."

"When she did make appearances, when everything was kind of worked out, it was good to have her back for sure," Kyle said in an interview with ET.

Kyle Richards has changed her tune regarding Yolanda Foster's Lyme disease. [Image via Instagram]
Kyle Richards has changed her tune regarding Yolanda Foster's Lyme disease. [Image via Instagram]Meanwhile, Kyle's feud with Glanville isn't the only controversy surrounding the reality star as the series continues season 6. In particular, Kyle has flipped flopped in her stance regarding Yolanda Foster's struggle with Lyme disease.

According to OK! Magazine, Kyle Richards first sided against Foster and accused her of lying about having the disease. Despite being very similar to the circumstances that unfolded in the last season of the Real Housewives of Orange County with Brooks Ayers' cancer lies, Kyle has now apparently switched sides on the matter.

"There's no doubt whatsoever that Yolanda has Lyme disease and she is suffering," Kyle told the outlet. "Everyday is a battle for her."

During the premiere for the new season, many of the cast members questioned Foster's diagnosis. In fact, Lisa Rinna even put forth the notion that Foster was suffering from Munchausen Syndrome.

However, despite these claims, Kyle explained how many people are simply confused about the details of Foster's disease. "It's certainly like to the average person, 'Wait this is very strange,' which kind of sparked like 'What is this? What is going on?'"

In regards to what Rinna said about Foster, Kyle went on to add that it was premature to say that Foster might have Munchausen. "With Lisa I think the questioning or saying the Munchausen comment was obviously disturbing to Yolanda… Sometimes Lisa says things and gets herself into some big trouble."

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