Amy Duggar King Launches New Website With Hubby, What Juicy Tidbits Will This Couple Reveal?

It looks like Amy Duggar King is getting on board the internet train just like the rest of her family, as she has recently launched a brand new website, along with her husband, Dillon King. They have chosen the name of DillandDuggs and is a reflection of both of them.

In following with the Duggar family tradition, this newly married couple created this site as a way for fans to follow their brand new life together and to blog about different things happening in their lives. The 19 Kids and Counting family has been keeping everyone up to date on their lives after their show got canceled. Both Jill Duggar and Jessa Seewald have their own family websites where they have posted photos of their growing families. Now the Duggar cousin will also be able to keep everyone updated on her own life as well with the website DillandDuggs.

What will Amy King’s site reveal about her and her husband? Will their site reveal any juicy Duggar tidbits? That is highly doubtful, but it does look like there will be some photos shared with fans and also a blog. Amy has already posted her first entry yesterday (December 7). In fact, it actually did reveal a Duggar family secret that she shared with the world.

It seems that Grandma Duggar sneaks in a little oil of oregano once in a while! Yes, Amy blogged about how this herb can help with the symptoms of the flu. She says that her grandma swears by it, and once she tried it, she felt so much better. It sounds like this is as juicy as it might get for the former reality star.

In addition to blogging, the website features the couple’s love story about how they ended up going from best buds to a walk down the aisle. There is also a section for them to post videos for all to see. There may be more added to the website later on down the road.

Amy and Dillon are still newlyweds — they have been married since early September — and are still getting used to their new life together. They have been sharing photos and posts on social media on how married life is treating them, and it looks like they are settling in quite nicely. However, don’t look for any baby bump pictures just yet as Amy had previously revealed to Us Weekly that she doesn’t plan on getting pregnant anytime soon.

Amy Duggar and Dillon King (Photo by Amy Duggar King's Twitter)

Apparently, she told the magazine that she is okay with waiting to have a family. She and Dillon are not in any rush for that part of their married life just yet. That is certainly not the Duggar way of doing things, but then again, Amy Duggar lives life a bit differently than the rest of the TV reality family. She joked around about her cousins thinking that she should have gotten pregnant on her honeymoon.

“My cousins asked me when I got back — they were like, ‘Are you pregnant?’ And I was like, ‘Uh, no.’ And they looked shocked. I mean, shocked! They were… almost upset, you know? [We’re] definitely not planning anything, not anytime soon.”

Even though they may think differently than they do when it comes to family planning, or non-family planning as it is, Amy and her Duggar cousins are still very close. She spends quite a bit of time with them as she has mentioned holding the new babies in the family and sends out snapshots as well like this one.

With the new TLC show, Jill and Jessa: Counting On, premiering this month, that will most likely be the main focus in the world of the Duggar family for a while. But that doesn’t mean cousin Amy will be left in the dust. It could be that she could reap the benefits for people to check out her site for those fans of this highly-publicized family.

Have you checked out Amy Duggar King’s website yet?

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