Marco Rubio And Ted Cruz Enrage The LGBT Community

It looks like the Republican party still isn't very gay-friendly. Surprisingly, Donald Trump is the most LGBT-friendly out of them all. However, those in the LGBT community who were planning on voting for Marco Rubio may want to change their minds.

+According to the Advocate, Rubio plans on rolling back LGBT protections.

"Marco Rubio showed his true anti-LGBT colors, declaring if elected he would reverse President Obama's executive orders to stop religious business owners who contract with the federal government from discriminating against gays as well as orders on gender identity, and appoint conservative justices to the U.S. Supreme Court who oppose same-sex marriage and abortion."
"You've seen some local districts and others been forced to provide girls access to a boys' bathroom and so forth. There are many government contractors and small companies who provide services to the government who are faith-based people, and they are being compelled to sin by government in their business conduct. That is not something we should be supporting," Rubio explains.

The folks commenting on the Advocate article were not having it.

"Why don't these GOP crypt-fascist types just come right out in favor of euthanasia for LGBT's, immigrants, and all the classes they hate? Of course, they'd have to keep a few women on hand, for breeding purposes?" asks Nathanial Brown.

"Donald Trump is starting to look better and better. Not that I would ever vote for him but of all the a**holes in the Republican Clown Car, he is looking like the least offensive choice!" says Butch Peaston.

Marco Rubio faced a backlash on Twitter as well.

Ted Cruz LGBT
Ted Cruz isn't a friend of the LGBT community. [Scott Olson/Getty Images]Marco Rubio isn't the only Republican candidate upsetting the LGBT community. According to Queerty, Ted Cruz gave a rather insulting interview regarding trans people.
"Last month, Sen. Ted Cruz responded to news that the Obama administration was moving forward with plans to enforce transgender rights in public schools by saying he doesn't want his daughters taking showers with little boys."
Queerty then goes on to note that Ted Cruz said that the Obama administration is radical and extreme. He brought his daughters into the conversation to try and prove his point. The comments after the article were angry.

"He probably has a rotten sex life & takes his frustrations out on others who he probably thinks have great sex lives!! Envy!! Inadequacy!! Jealousy!!" shouts commenter William M. Arnold.

However, one commenter says that people were going way too far in taking offense and that Ted Cruz had a point.

"Ted Cruz has no chance of being President, but I don't see what he said wrong. I wouldn't want my daughter, at school age, forced to shower with boys either," claims Aliengod.

Comments on Twitter regarding Ted Cruz's interview were mostly negative.

Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz aren't front-runners for the GOP nomination, so they may be trying to rally up voters. However, even though gay marriage is now a legal, you can bet that LGBT rights will still be a major campaign issue.

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