Rob Kardashian Shares Rare Instagram Photo To Support Kylie Jenner: Might Record An Album? [Video]

Rob Kardashian has been staying out of the media limelight for years since leaving the cast of Keeping Up With The Kardashians, but he made a rare appearance on Instagram to help Kylie promote her new lip kit line. According to Kris, although he's reclusive, Rob is "doing all right," reports the Daily Mail.

Although he didn't send any congratulations over social media to sister Kim Kardashian, and has taken some heat for it, Rob stands fully behind Kylie who is actively promoting her new lip kit line. In a rare Instagram photo, Rob shared a pic of his wrinkly bulldog in front of a laptop.

In the caption, Rob wrote "I guess someone is disappointed they didn't get Kylie's lip-kit." Rob assured his furry friend not to "worry buddy, more coming soon!" According to Mashable, the lip kit proved so popular, it sold out in 30 seconds, and the photo has garnered over 110,000 likes.

OK! reports that during his break from the media limelight, Rob Kardashian has taken to singing and trying to produce an album. An insider close to Kardashian revealed that Rob believes he missed his true calling, and can sing as well as his brother-in-law, Kanye West.

The insider told the magazine that Rob "really does have a beautiful tenor voice," and Kardashian has been "in the studio recording music with guys like French Montana, Tony Yayo and Sway Calloway."

So why haven't we heard anything about it? According to OK!, Rob Kardashian has "made everyone swear to keep things under wraps," the insider revealed. Rob also wants to become a "voice for hire," because the reclusive member of the Kardashian clan is not ready to stand out as a solo artist.

OK! reports that Kardashian is "throwing around pseudonym ideas as he doesn't want people to know it's his voice on that track."

Rob was notably missing from the Kardashian family Thanksgiving photo, which featured even extended family members. According to Kris, who gave an interview on Maria Menounos's SiriusXM show, Rob did show up to the Kardashian family affair, but opted out of the group photo. After dinner, however, Rob left to spend time with friends, reports the Daily Mail.

Kris explained that Rob "lives with Khloe," and that he is "doing all right. You know, he's doing his best." Jenner also explained that Rob is "not into being on camera as much as the rest of us," which is why he was absent from the photo. Rob moved in with Khloe several months ago after struggling with personal issues. Living with Khloe has meant Rob lives in a positive environment.

Kardashian fans have long been concerned about Rob, who visibly struggled with his weight and depression. Kris was positive about her son's future, though, confiding that Kardashian is "working on himself. He's going to be okay," reports the Daily Mail.

According to Radar Online, things haven't gone so smoothly between Rob and Khloe since Lamar Odom was found unconscious. While Rob supports sister Kylie in her business endeavors, Kardashian is equally "disgusted" with Khloe.

An insider close to Kardashian revealed that "Rob hates how [Khloe has] strung Lamar along and believes that's why he went even further off the rails than he would have had she just set him free."

The insider confessed that Rob is angry that Khloe "led [Lamar] to believe there was a chance of a reunion for so long that he put everyone on hold and had to sit there while she was wined and dined by all these other guys."

While Lamar is on the mend, Khloe has rekindled her romance with James Harden. Initially, Khloe let the relationship cool while she cared for Lamar, but Radar reports the pair are back on track, leaving Rob Kardashian "disgusted" with his sister's behavior.

According to a Kardashian insider, Rob "tore into her in a big way for going on a date with James while Lamar was in hospital."

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