'Star Wars: The Force Awakens' — Did Harrison Ford Just Reveal A Huge Spoiler During A Twitter Q&A?

Given his part as Han Solo in the upcoming Star Wars: The Force Awakens, Harrison Ford is one of a small group of people that have been given the privilege of watching the movie ahead of its highly-anticipated release. With that in mind, the actor recently engaged fans in a Q&A session on Twitter, where he may have accidentally leaked a huge spoiler about the movie.

According to E! Online, the veteran actor was asked to describe the action scene he enjoyed the most during his time on-set. In reply, Ford named an action sequence that had previously not been revealed in any of the promo materials.

"The sword fight with Rey and [Kylo] Ren. Fantastic visual storytelling," Ford stated.

His comments about a fight involving Rey (Daisy Ridley) and Kylo (Adam Driver) immediately got the attention of fans and set off a firestorm of speculation. For starters, many fans have speculated that perhaps Rey could use the force in her lightsaber fight with Rey, making her a large figure moving forward.

Kylo Ren [Image via LucasFilm]
Kylo Ren [Image via LucasFilm]That being said, it is possible that Ford could have been mistaken in his comment. In fact, the only other character seen wielding a lightsaber is Finn (John Boyega). Could Ford have meant to type Finn instead of Rey?

Additionally, Ford did misspell Kylo Ren's name in his post, which might indicate that he was thinking about a different character when he replied. Even still, his slip on social media is definitely going to be an interesting thing to keep in mind as the premiere of the movie nears closer and closer.

Ford's accidental slip is the biggest spoiler yet to be revealed by anyone of the cast and crew, who have done a great job at keeping major plot lines a secret. According to the Verge, this is something that J.J. Abrams and company have taken great steps to prevent, and so far, the major story lines of the film are still unknown.

Daisy Ridley as Rey. [Image via LucasFilm]
Daisy Ridley as Rey. [Image via LucasFilm]Ford was joined during the Q&A session by a number of different cast members from the movie. This included the likes of Boyega, Anthony Daniels (C-3PO), Gwendoline Christie (Captain Phasma), Carrie Fisher (General Leia Organa), Ridley, Abrams, and Lupita Nyong'o (Maz Kanata). Despite Ford's admission, none of the others let on that he had let anything major slip.

As previously mentioned, Ford is one of a limited number to have already seen The Force Awakens ahead of its December release. In fact, the only other people to have watched the movie include Daniel Fleetwood, a Star Wars fan who recently passed away, Steven Spielberg, and a number of top executives from Disney.

Interestingly, three of the franchise's past directors, including Phil Lord, Colin Trevorrow, and Christopher Miller, have admitted that they have yet to screen the movie. At the same time, both Rian Johnson, from Star Wars: Episode VIII and Gareth Edwards, from Star Wars: Rogue One, have claimed to have watched an unedited version of the movie.

Meanwhile, although Ford's comments have been interpreted as meaning Rey and Kylo will engage in lightsaber fight, Ford did not mention the use of lightsabers. This could mean that Rey and Kylo fight each other with more traditional weapons, and that Rey does not use the force.

Whatever ends up happening between Rey and Kylo, the truth of the matter will likely not be revealed until the movie is finally released to theaters. Until then, fans will plenty of opportunities to come up with more theories on the matter as they discuss this latest spoiler.

Star Wars: The Force Awakens is set to hit theaters on December 18.

[Image via LucasFilm]