WWE News: Fans Left 'WWE RAW' Before Main Event Even Started

Last night on WWE RAW, the WWE put a different vibe on its programming. Instead of opening up with a 20-minute promo that doesn't lead to anything exciting, they had the League of Nations come out and cut a promo. Before they got too far, the Wyatt Family interfered and were received by a huge pop from the fans. So, the WWE instantly changed the game with a simple segment.

Unfortunately, that never came to fruition like it was supposed to. Team ECW came out and introduced their new partner to the fray. His name is Rhyno, and he's been working at WWE NXT for several months. Rhyno was a great addition to the WWE NXT fray and pushed a lot of young talent. Now, he's going to help the Dudleyz and Tommy Dreamer against the Wyatts.

dudley boyz new day wwe tag team titles
Dudley Boyz vs. the New Day [Image via YouTube]Before too long, Roman Reigns and friends came out and then the WWE went to commercial. The match was a 16-man elimination, fatal-four-way match. Reigns came out on top as he speared the WWE champion, Sheamus. That wasn't the only time the WWE champ was emasculated that night. Reigns speared him through a table in the horrific main event segment.

By changing the beginning, the WWE thought they would get away with the rest of the show barely changing. Dolph Ziggler and Kevin Owens had an amazing match. The New Day and Team BAD seemed to unite in the middle of the ring. Aside from that, WWE RAW was boring. That's not an opinion, but rather an opinion of many fans. According to Bryan Alvarez, fans at the WWE show weren't too happy about the show and departed early.

"Bryan Alvarez reported on today's installment of Wrestling Observer Radio that fans were leaving last night's RAW before the main event segment even aired. He would go on to point out that the crowd was dead and you could visibly see empty seats on television."
Alvarez, who is well-known for his coverage of pro wrestling, isn't the only one who is reporting on bad news from WWE RAW. Vince Russo and Gregory Helms, both former-WWE employees, spoke out about last night's "travesty," as many put it on social media.Near the end of the show, the WWE came back from commercial and they were in the middle of a match. No mention of a match was made before the commercial. Titus O'Neil was on commentary for a bout between Jack Swagger and Stardust. Nearly 20 seconds after the break, Alberto Del Rio enters the fray to continue his feud with Swagger and Zeb Colter.

Alberto Del Rio Zeb Colter WWE
Alberto Del Rio and Zeb Colter backstage. [Image via YouTube]Also, the segment with Sheamus and Roman Reigns before their "brawl" was lackluster and boring. It carried on, and social media went ballistic during their exchange. Tweets like "This is still going on," were sent. That, or "What are we listening to," were popular responses.

Like Russo noted above, it was way too scripted to be good television. WWE RAW can't get much lower than that, and Wade Keller from PWTorch.com put it all into perspective during the main event last night.

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