Charlie Sheen Fires Back, Calls Ex Fiancee 'Extortionist'

Since his appearance on the Today show, Charlie Sheen has been the subject of talk regarding various lawsuits. Additionally, former fiancee Brett Rossi insists that Sheen forced her to abort their child because he allegedly said that his HIV would cause "the child to be retarded." She also alleges that Sheen was violent and terrorized her.

According to the Inquisitr, Brett Rossi says that she had unprotected sex at least five times before Charlie Sheen told her he was HIV positive. She says when she told him she was pregnant, he flipped out and forced her to have an abortion. She also said that he then turned violent and even threatened to put out a hit on her ex-husband. She said that Sheen exposed her to the virus for a year and put her life in danger, which has left her with PTSD. She has filed suit for these damages.

TMZ is reporting that Charlie Sheen is putting his foot down on extortion and promises to fight any suit filed by Brett Rossi, as he says she is a liar.

"Charlie gets personal in his response to Rossi's emotional distress lawsuit, claiming as a porn star she's had 'hundreds, if not thousands of sexual partners,' and has exposed herself to STD's every time the camera rolls. Sheen says it's ridiculous for her to claim she got freaked out by his condition."

Sheen says that Rossi is one of the people that was shaking him down in order to keep his disease a secret.

"Sheen claims Rossi is an extortionist who tried to squeeze millions of dollars from him by threatening to disclose his medical condition."

Sheen is also claiming that Rossi told her that she was a nurse in addition to being a porn star and was taking anti-viral medications like his other partners. He also says that story about an abortion is ridiculous.

Hollywood Life is saying that Charlie Sheen is calling Rossi a "lying extortionist." On December 7, Sheen filed a response and a suit of his own, claiming that Rossi was "well-aware" of his HIV status was trying to get money from him.

"The court docs filed on Dec. 7 by Charlie, 50, and obtained by Us Weekly, claim that not only was Brett 'well aware' that he was HIV-positive but that she's doing this to try and get money from him. 'This is a case by an extortionist, Scottine Ross aka Brett Rossi... who gets paid for sex as a prostitute and a porn star.' It goes on to say that Brett "attempted to extort millions of dollars by disclosing Sheen's medical condition even though she had signed a confidentiality agreement."

Sheen denies that there was any violence and claims that Rossi is just hoping for a big payday.

"Rossi is banking on the fact that Sheen will pay her millions of dollars to avoid the negative publicity surrounding this action."
Sheen is also stressing that Rossi has had "hundreds of thousands of sex partners," and if she has a disease, he would not be the only person who possibly infected her. Due to privacy and other details, this case is likely to be settled out of court rather than in a public setting.

Do you think Charlie Sheen has a valid argument against his former fiancee?

[Photo by Chris Pizzello/AP]