Tyga Willing To Sell Kylie Jenner’s Secrets? Rapper Says He’s Not Talking Girlfriend ‘Unless You’re Going To Pay For It’

Tyga and Kylie Jenner’s on again, off again relationship has made headlines as of late, and it seems as if the “Rack City” rapper would like to cash in on his intimate knowledge.

During an episode of I Yahoo’d Myself, Tyga tells host Nick Axelrod that he’s not going to say anything about girlfriend Kylie Jenner unless one condition is met. In fact, every time Axelrod tries to bring up Jenner, Tyga says, “Let’s go to another question.”

After a pause, Tyga adds, “Unless you’re going to pay for it.”

Of course, the goofy look on Tyga’s face indicates that he could be kidding. After the comment, Axelrod comes back and asks, “How much does it cost?” In response, Tyga laughs and says, “Priceless” between guffaws. See the interview in the video below.

That isn’t to say that Tyga totally shrugs off all questions where his relationship with Kylie Jenner is concerned. Soon after Tyga tells Axelrod that Kylie Jenner’s secrets are priceless, the 26-year-old rapper opens up about how difficult it is to deal with the paparazzi that constantly hound him and his Keeping Up With the Kardashians girlfriend.

When Axelrod asks Tyga how he and Kylie deal with the whole paparazzi thing, Tyga says, “You don’t deal with it” and adds an interesting comparison.

“It’s like Pac-Man, and they’re like the little things trying to chase you, while you trying to light up and get all the fruits of life that you can get. You gotta stay focused so you can glow up and go to the next level.”

For years, Kylie Jenner has been outspoken about her dislike for the paparazzi. In 2013, Jenner spoke out in a video saying that she thinks there should be laws against paparazzi following people who are under 18. At the time, Jenner said she was 15-years-old and dealt with people following her to school on a regular basis.

Later that year, Kendall Jenner and Kylie Jenner talked about how their lives had changed since the paparazzi had begun to follow them more.

“They’re hardcore stalking us right now, which is really annoying for us,” Kendall Jenner said at the time. “We’re not like our sisters; we’ve always been kind of under the radar. For us, recently it’s just been kind of really, really, really crazy. They follow us everywhere we go.”

Things have obviously changed since that 2013 interview. Now, both Jenner sisters are over 18 years old, and Kendall has become one of the most sought-after international supermodels, while some argue that Kylie has taken over as the face of the Jenner-Kardashian clan.

Kylie Jenner’s relationship with the media may have changed, but her feelings about the rumors and lies that circulate around her life still impact her every day. At least, that’s what Jenner wrote on her website and her app in November when she and Tyga did a Q&A together, which included details about their relationship.

“It’s hard to see all that gets completely made up about me. I really try not to let it bother me and I certainly don’t feel like I need to correct every little lie out there, but at the same time, I just hate giving people the satisfaction of being able to make things up about someone they don’t know anything about!”

What do you think about Tyga’s comments that he would tell Nick Axelrod more about Kylie Jenner if he paid for the information? Do you think Tyga was joking, or do you think there was a shred of truth in his comments?

Find out more about Kylie Jenner and Tyga’s relationship in the video below.

[Photo by Craig Barritt/Getty Images Entertainment]