Tyga Willing To Sell Kylie Jenner’s Secrets? Rapper Says He’s Not Talking Girlfriend ‘Unless You’re Going To Pay For It’

Tyga and Kylie Jenner’s on again, off again relationship has made headlines as of late, and it seems as if the “Rack City” rapper would like to cash in on his intimate knowledge.

During an episode of I Yahoo’d Myself, Tyga tells host Nick Axelrod that he’s not going to say anything about girlfriend Kylie Jenner unless one condition is met. In fact, every time Axelrod tries to bring up Jenner, Tyga says, “Let’s go to another question.”

After a pause, Tyga adds, “Unless you’re going to pay for it.”

Of course, the goofy look on Tyga’s face indicates that he could be kidding. After the comment, Axelrod comes back and asks, “How much does it cost?” In response, Tyga laughs and says, “Priceless” between guffaws. See the interview in the video below.