Robert Burnett Speaks Out About Scheana Marie's Acting Days in 'Femme Fatales'

Scheana Marie Shay of Vanderpump Rules has never really talked about her acting days while on the show, but a director that used to work with her is speaking out now. Radar Online shared that Scheana Marie actually has a past in acting that not many people know about, but now Robert Burnett is sharing. Scheana Marie was in Femme Fatales in 2012 for a couple of episodes. In these episodes, of what Radar Online refers to as a 'softcore show,' it does look like Scheana Marie Shay is having sex, but it turns out that they are just pretending and there was no sex going on while this was being filmed. This is just all part of the show.

The show's director, Robert Meyer Burnett, is the one speaking out about this show that Scheana was on, and he only has nice things to say about her and her acting ability. Now Scheana Marie isn't acting, but is simply showing the reality that is her life right now while doing reality television, including letting viewers in on her husband Mike Shay's drug problem from last year. Scheana Marie's acting is not something she talked about at all. The show, Femme Fatales, has included several other big actors in the past, so it is nothing to be ashamed of doing. Here is what Robert had to say about Scheana's ability.
"Scheana's character turned out to be the villainess. Not only did she have to have sex in the show, but then she had a huge cat fight in the kitchen at the end where she is battling with knives and pots and pens. She really went for it — I've got to give her all the credit in the world because she was awesome."
Robert Burnett went on to talk about how Scheana Marie would do anything they asked of her and never complained. The only problem with Scheana was that after the show was done filming, it appeared that Scheana was a bit unsure about what she had done. Burnett tagged her in a video of a small clip from the show and she asked to be untagged from it. Her reason was that she was moving on, according to Burnett.
"She wrote me back, and said, 'Look, I want you to untag me and please don't put me on any of your stuff anymore because I'm not doing this anymore and I'm in a different phase of my career.' I kind of felt bummed out. I get it, especially the cheesecake softcore show, but I thought she was good. I wish she looked back on doing those shows as fondly as I do."
Scheana Marie is the not the only person from Vanderpump Rules to do a bit of acting. Stassi Schroeder did, but it was totally different. Reality Tea shared that Stassi had a sex tape out there, which was one that she did solo. It was something she sent to a guy a few years back and was not something Stassi wanted the world to see. Of course, he tried to leak it to the world, but luckily that never happened. The tape that Scheana did was actually acting, but it was not real sex and was just pretending.
Stassi's tape never ended up going public, but it caused a lot of problems for her. She blamed Scheana Marie on trying to get it out there for everyone to see. Stassi never brought up the acting that Scheana Marie had done though, so maybe she doesn't know about it.

What do you think of the fact that Scheana Marie Shay did acting where she pretended to have sex on screen? Sound off in the comments below on your thoughts and don't miss new episodes of Vanderpump Rules on Monday nights on Bravo. Stassi will be returning this season, and of course, nobody is happy about that part of the show.

[Photo by Araya Diaz/Getty Images]