‘Scream Queens’ Season 1 Finale — Will Fans Finally Learn Who Is The Red Devil Killer? [Official Synopsis]

There is only one week remaining before the end of FOX’s newest horror comedy, Scream Queens. Although the season has been filled with plenty of bloody moments and crazy twists, all the wildness will come to an end during the final two-part episode, titled “Dorkus” and “The Final Girl(s).” With only one installment remaining, will fans finally learn the true identity of the remaining Red Devil killer?

According to International Business Times, the official synopsis for the finale reveals that surprising secrets will be unveiled when the identity of the Red Devil is finally discovered. Given the name of the episode, it is clear that it will focus on Melanie Dorkus (Brianne Howey). Dorkus happens to be Kappa Kappa Tau’s previous president, who suffered serious burns after someone placed chemicals in her spray tan mix.

In the past, it was first thought that Chanel (Emma Roberts) had a hand in the unfortunate situation that led to Dorkus’ skin being chemically burned. That being said, the top suspect on Dean Munsch’s (Jamie Lee Curtis) list is Grace (Skyler Samuel), who was present at the scene of the crime when Dorkus was burned.

Emma Roberts as Chanel Oberlin. [Image via Fox] Emma Roberts as Chanel Oberlin. [Image via Fox]Whoever was responsible for the incident with Dorkus has also been working with the Red Devil and Pete (Diego Boneta). In fact, in the last episode of Scream Queens, it was revealed that Pete is a murderer when he told Grace “I don’t want your first time to be with a murderer.”

However, is Pete the real Red Devil and the one involved with the murders at Kappa Kappa Tau, or was he referring to a different incident altogether? According to Fashion & Style, it is possible that Pete was referring to an accidental murder he committed during the Black Friday shopping incident in which a police officer was killed.

Based on the theory, Pete issued a warning to Munsch that some of the sorority girls, including Grace and Zayday (Keke Palmer), were planning on taking her out. In response, Munsch had Pete make an attempt to scare the girls at the mall in order to prevent them from killing her. However, things quickly unraveled, and Pete had to kill an officer in order to evade capture.

Will Dean Munsch live to see season 2? [Image via Fox] Will Dean Munsch live to see Season 2? [Image via Fox]The idea that Pete may be innocent in the killings at the sorority house are only a theory at this point in time. In reality, the true identity of the Red Devil could be just about anyone on the show. With the identity of the Red Devil killer set to be revealed in the finale, it is really anyone’s guess which character it may turn out to be.

With that in mind, Latin Post is reporting that it is highly likely that the Red Devil killer is a family member of the babies in the bath tub. Additionally, it has already been revealed that Boone (Nick Jonas) was working with Gigi (Nasim Pedrad) as one of the Red Devil killers. The only question remaining centers on the identity of the third member of the killing party.

Although a lot of theories have surfaced on who the killer will turn out to be, creator Ryan Murphy told E! Online that the identity of the killer is very obvious. Even still, considering how well the show has managed to surprise fans so far, it is likely going to be a big shock for everyone when we finally learn who has been the mastermind behind all of the murders at Kappa Kappa Tau.

Fans can tune in and watch all the revelations unfold when the season one finale of Scream Queens kicks off December 8 on Fox.

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