Justin Bieber Instagram Girl Search: Bieber Gives ‘Wolfie’ Cindy Kimberly 3,744 New YouTube Subscribers

All it took was one Instagram post from Justin Bieber to send a beautiful internet artist named “Wolfie” Cindy Kimberly into the world wide web of fame. As reported by Us Weekly, Bieber simply asked in Instagram who was the beautiful girl that Justin saw in a photo. It didn’t take long for Bieber fans respond to Justin’s Instagram request with tons of tags. Some pointed to the real Wolfie Cindy Instagram account, while others point to fake Instagram accounts that were likely set up as soon as Bieber asked about the gorgeous girl.

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[Image via Instagram/Justin Bieber]

Warning: The real Wolfie Cindy’s Instagram account might contain photos that aren’t all PG.

wolfiecindy Just letting you guys know that the art on my page is only mine when none is tagged or I state so in the caption :)”

However, Cindy is an artist in her own right, with Bieber’s IG crush stating those drawings which are hers and those which aren’t. One thing’s for sure: Bieber has certainly given Wolfie a whole lot more attention on YouTube. Previously, Kimberly posted a photo showing zero subscribers to her YouTube channel, with a link to Cindy’s YouTube account in her Instagram bio. A recent check of that same YouTube account shows that the social media subscriber level has swelled to 3,744 subscribers after Justin’s mention. Meanwhile, folks are tagging plenty of Cindy’s pics with Bieber’s IG handle as if she hasn’t heard the news by now.

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[Image via YouTube/Cindy Kimberly]

Within 15 hours of posting the Instagram request, Justin’s IG post has gotten one million likes and plenty of comments from Bieber fans. Some of those Beliebers don’t like the fact that Justin had just posted a photo of Selena Gomez, one that prompted TMZ to pull a line from Brokeback Mountain that suggested Bieber couldn’t quit Selena.

Meanwhile, the crazy comments are pouring into Cindy’s Instagram account after Bieber shouted her out. Lots of folks are complimenting Kimberly because of her beauty. Others are deriding her and calling her crazy names, likely out of jealous for the Biebs, and talking about the content on her Instagram page. A look through Wolfie’s Instagram proves she is a truly talented artist.

Cindy also has “da bae,” as she wrote on Instagram four weeks ago about a guy with both fingers pointed skyward, flipping off the photographer, prior to Bieber’s shout out. If Wolfie’s “bae” is still her “bae,” Justin might want to be careful.

Correction: A reader has noted that “da bae” is not Cindy’s boyfriend, but a famous actor named Dylan O’Brien.

“Da bae is a REALLY famous actor that all the teens love and is not her boyfriend. (Dylan O’Brien)”

Cindy’s self-portraits on Instagram are truly gallery worthy. Some of the photos, like one photo posted two weeks ago that shows a person’s back with lots of veins and weird make-up, has left some Instagram viewers scratching their heads with curiosity.

One Instagram drawing that shows Cindy with an animal on her head — perhaps a cat — that seems melded into Wolfie’s head reminds one of Cat People and other animal morphing type of movies.

The first photo posted on the Instagram account of the girl on Bieber’s radar was posted to Instagram 38 weeks ago, so it’s a relatively new Instagram account. After Justin’s shout-out, folks are asking Cindy if she’s real. Prior to Bieber giving Wolfie so much attention on Instagram, people were already complimenting Wolfie’s wild and wonderful artwork and asking her if she sold her drawings or took special requests. Those types of comments will likely continue now that Bieber has placed the eyes of Instagram on Cindy.

Three weeks ago, Wolfie apparently celebrated her birthday, and she posted fan artwork of Cindy on Instagram, with thanks and a shoutout to the artist. Who knows — Justin may have found a way to get over Selena for good.

[Image via Instagram/Wolfie Cindy Kimberly]