Man Tasered, Punched by Police in U.K. Bystanders Outraged at Brutality (VIDEO)

The video below shows police tasering and punching a man while trying to get him under control in a town square in the U.K. Sunday Night. The man was arrested outside the Theatre Royal on Upper Parliament Street, Nottingham U.K.

Police Taser, Punch Man in U.K. – Excessive force?

The video shows police tasering the man to keep him from getting up. It’s quite graphic and you can see the mans body is jolted by the taser shock. While he’s on the ground they punch him several times as well. Then other officers swoop in and hold the man down.

The scene was so over the top that bystanders nearby started shouting at police after seeing the excessive force they belived was being inflicted to the arrested man. The person behind the camera can be heard saying “Look at his face, did you get that? He don’t look like he is resisting.”

Video of Police Tasering, Punching Man in U.K.

Inquisitr readers, do you think the police in the video used excessive force while arresting the man, or did the guy deserve the punishment he got?