Man Accused Of Stealing Shoes For Bizarre Sexual Thrills

A Virginia man is accused of stealing shoes from women in a string of bizarre acts. The Daily Mail reports that Kenneth Johnson, III, is a math teacher at Varina High School, but his extracurricular activities have garnered a tidal wave of unwanted attention.

The Virginia man turned himself in to police on Saturday after they began investigating him in a series of women’s shoe thefts. However, the details surrounding the thefts themselves are disturbing to say the least. Police in Henrico say that they began receiving complaints about footwear thefts back in September when they began to investigate based on the disturbing details that started to come to the surface.

Not only were shoes going missing from the porches of women in the Monument Avenue area, but the shoes were later returned to their porches. To make the incidents more disturbing, the returned shoes (which had once been stolen) were filled with “biological evidence.” In other words, bodily fluid was deposited into the shoes that were stolen and returned. Henrico Police Lt. Chris Eley claims that at least one home was targeted multiple times in the string of bizarre shoe thefts.

“We had an incident where one house had the same thing happen twice, and that’s when we started looking more seriously.”

One victim says that the math teacher left a note in her shoes after stealing them and then returning them to her porch later. The note said that he was a “married man” and he complained that his wife’s shoes didn’t smell like hers. The note also revealed that he liked to “perform perverted activities” in the shoes that he steals before returning them to their rightful places. One of the alleged victims of the shoe sniffing bandit actually confronted the man in the middle of one of the thefts. He was reportedly picking her shoes up off her porch as she drove up to her residence. When she asked him what he was doing, he simply replied that he liked the smell of her shoes before smelling them in front of her.

“Crime Stoppers offers up to $5,000 for info that leads to an arrest of a woman who stole a $945 pair of shoes” — Chuck Baggett (@ChuckBaggett) March 9, 2015

WTVR News reports that the Virginia man has been put on administrative leave from the school that employs him as a math teacher. This is likely due in part to the sexually aggressive nature of the crimes he is accused of committing.

Kenneth Johnson, III, has been charged with eight counts of intentional damaging of property and three counts of petty larceny. However, it’s not clear if he’s being charged with any sexual offenses related to the biological fluid he allegedly put in the shoes he had stolen and returned. Furthermore, it’s not known if he may be charged with any sexual crimes for telling at least one woman that he performed sexual acts over her stolen shoes.

This isn’t the first time a shoe thief has made media headlines. Last year a New York man was accused of stealing the shoes right off a woman’s feet while she was trying to walk up the stairs to the Q Train station. In March authorities in Suffolk County, New York put out a bulletin in search of a woman accused of stealing a pair of shoes from Saks 5th Avenue. The shoes were reportedly worth nearly $1k.

In the case of the Virginia math teacher, authorities are currently looking for more victims while they build their case against him. Police in Henrico believe that their could be more victims of these bizarre shoe thefts. These possible victims are encouraged to come forward with information by calling Detective Duane Stone at (804) 501-7176.

[Photo: Henrico Police mugshot]