Woman Who Was Hit By Baseball Sues 11 Year Old Kid

In another case of “Are You Serious?” news, a New Jersey woman is filing a lawsuit against an 11 year old boy. The boy was warming up for his little league game and threw a ball in the bullpen that got away from its recipient and hit the woman in the face.

Elizabeth Lloyd was sitting at a picnic table by the bullpen, which was fenced in, when she was struck in the face by the ball. The 11 year old named in the lawsuit, Little League catcher Matthew Migliaccio, admitted the ball got away from him.

Migliaccio and his parents were served with the suit alleging assault and battery on behalf of Lloyd claiming that the 11 year old caused her extensive and severe pain from the impact. Migliaccio’s parents said they were initially concerned about Lloyd’s injuries but when her lawyer started threatening them and they got served with court papers they went from sympathetic to outraged.

Bob Migliaccio said,

“It’s absurd to expect every 11-year-old to throw the ball on target. Everyone knows you’ve got to watch out. You assume some risk when you go out to a field. That’s just part of being at a game.”

The Migliacco’s are not getting any help from Little League on the lawsuit. They are afraid to fight the lawsuit because of the costs defending such a lawsuit could bring them. They are hoping that Lloyd and her attorney’s will see that there are just some things that an 11 year old should not be held liable for and a misthrown baseball during a Little League game is one of them.