NBA News: Jerry Colangelo Hired To Fix Philadelphia 76ers

In NBA news, the Philadelphia 76ers have hired Jerry Colangelo to fix their disgraced franchise, according to Fox Sports.

Philadelphia 76ers hire Jerry Colangelo

When it comes to who everyone thinks is the worst team in the NBA, the Philadelphia 76ers get more mentions than anyone else. Just this season, they broke all sorts of records for futility until they ran into the Los Angeles Lakers, who are now led by a severely aging and declined Kobe Bryant. The Sixers have failed to win more than 20 games in the past two seasons. The year before that, they lost nearly 50 games. No true franchise player has emerged so the fans watch without much hope.

Hope is on the way. The Philadelphia 76ers announced today that they have hired Jerry Colangelo to be their new chairman of basketball operations. In addition to that position, he will also serve as a special adviser to the owners of the team. Sam Hinkie is the current general manager of the team, and he is awaiting to see how his role changes now that Colangelo is on board. Jerry is expected to have a lot of say in how the team is constructed. Colangelo did a tremendous job with the Phoenix Suns for years.

Jerry Colangelo

Brett Brown getting help

One of the best things that the Philadelphia 76ers have done over the past couple of years is hiring Brett Brown to be the head coach. As a longtime disciple of Gregg Popovich with the San Antonio Spurs, he knows how to build a competitive team and a winning culture. Many have stated that as good as Brown can be, he simply is just one man. The Sixers need a lot more help. In signing Jerry Colangelo, Philadelphia has brought in the much needed help that they need to turn the franchise around.

The addition of Jerry Colangelo also increases the chances of Brett Brown signing a contract extension and sticking around with the Philadelphia 76ers. The head coach has a year and a half left on his contract, and the team wants to make sure that they lock him up before other NBA teams get their hands on him. Colangelo just got on board but sources are stating that he does not feel the head coaching position needs to be changed. Since Jerry has not been doing day to day operations for a team in two decades, he might be willing to conceded some power to Brown.

Brett Brown

Fixing the Philadelphia 76ers

When Jerry Colangelo finally gets to move into his new office, he is going to need to figure out where he wants to start. The Philadelphia 76ers have so many areas that need to be fixed. For starters, he needs to do something with Jahlil Okafor. The rookie center has the potential to develop into one of the best players in the NBA. However, he is currently being hampered by that because of things that are taking place off the court. Colangelo needs to mentor Okafor and surround him with other people that can guide him towards the right path.

After improving things with Jahlil Okafor, Jerry Colangelo needs to turn his attention to the draft process. Since the Philadelphia 76ers have been so bad lately, they have been given a plethora of high draft picks. None have become stars in the NBA yet. Joel Embiid has yet to step foot on the court. Nerlens Noel seems to be missing something and might end up just being a good role player. Michael Carter Williams has already been shipped out to the Milwaukee Bucks because management did not believe in him.

Can the Philadelphia 76ers finally turn things around now that Jerry Colangelo is running the team?

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