Many ‘World Of Warcraft’ Mounts, Pets Now Half Off In The Blizzard Store

As the holiday season continues, even the World of Warcraft stops to celebrate the festive time of year with the annual Feast of Winter Veil. The recurring event themed around Christmas in Azeroth does not start under December 16, but the celebration starts early with several a Blizzard store sale on several mounts and pets.

All mounts and pets, excluding the newer Brightpaw pet and the Mystic Runesaber mount, are now 50 percent off for a limited time. Pets are normally $10 and are discounted to $5 during the sale, and mounts that are usually $25 are just $12.50 during the Winter Veil sale. According to, the sale will last until January 4.

Mounts that are a part of the sale include unique favorites like the Armored Bloodwing mount, the only bat mount available to players at this time. Other special mounts that cannot be found elsewhere in the game include the Grinning Reaver, the Enchanted Fey Dragon, and the Swift Windsteed. Some mounts, like the Iron Skyreaver, have less extravagant variants available within the game.

Discounted mounts and pets can be purchased directly from Blizzard via the store. Both mounts and pets are accessible by all characters on a World of Warcraft license. The mounts’ speed varies by skill of the character, while each pet can be leveled up and shared between characters to participate in pet battles. Pet battles let players fight their team of pets against other teams in turn-based combat. Pet battling consists of finding and challenging wild animals as well as famous NPCs rivals in the world. Players can also choose to play against each other in PvP pet battles.

World of Warcraft mounts and pets are not the only thing discounted in the Blizzard store right now. The base game of World of Warcraft including all of the expansions, expect for Warlords of Draenor, is just $4.99 right now. The current expansion is just $12.49 now and that includes a free character boost to level 90, too. As the Inquisitr reported this 75 percent off sale will not last forever. These sales are expected to wrap up on January 4 like the mount and pet sale. Unfortunately, no character services are on sale currently.

With the Feast of Winter Veil just around the corner, both Alliance and Horde have the opportunity to pick up new pets and toys within the game. On December 16, players can travel to Ironforge or Orgimmar to visit Greatfather Winter and pick up special holiday quests. On December 25, players can even loot their very own presents from Blizzard Entertainment from beneath their capital’s holiday tree. Completing event quests gives players a chance to collect unique pets like Lumpy the lump of coal or a variety of little helpers. Several toy items are also a part of Winter Veil like the lounge cushions, disguise kits, and more. Find out more about the event from the official site.

World of Warcraft players can enjoy the sales and revelry while they last. Bonus events will keep many occupied on a week-to-week basis, but the next expansion will not release until summer 2016. Legion is dated for launch “on or before September 21” and will add a number of major changes and additions to the game. The new Demon Hunter hero class, an increased level cap to 110, Artifact weapons, class order halls, and much more are included in the expansion. Not to mention, the transmogrification system is drastically being changed letting players collect skins in a UI collection rather than having to keep each item in their inventory or banks.

[Image via Blizzard Entertainment]