Utah Wildfire Blamed On Shooting Range

A Utah wildfire which has claimed more than 6,000 acres south of Salt Lake City has been blamed on a local shooting range.

Officials believe that bullets that “spark” or explosive targets may be to blame for the fire, in the meantime they can not stop people from exercising their rights to shoot guns but they can ban certain types of ammo and explosive targets from being used at local gun ranges.

The fire has led to nearly 2,000 residents believe evacuated as firefighters attempt to battle the blaze before it claims homes and possibly lives. 600 homes have been evacuated since the fire started on Thursday morning.

Firefighters have been able to contain 30% of the fire with no homes destroyed in Sarasota Springs or Eagle Mountain at the time of this report.

Conditions over the weekend have become better, allowing firefighters to further contain the Utah blaze without high winds and other conditions spreading the fire at a more rapid rate.

Battling wildfires has proven difficult in 2012, down the road in northern Colorado firefighters have been battling a massive blaze that has now taking over more than 75,500 acres of land. The High Park Fire is 45% contained but has already managed to destroy 191 homes west of Fort Collins.

Another 20-acres fire closed the main entrance to Rocky Mountain National Park over the weekend.

With hot and dry drought conditions sweeping much of the United States in 2012 firefighters and other park officials remind everyone that a single spark can ignite thousands of acres while destroying homes and taking lives at the same time.