Emma Watson: How An Invitation To The Actor While At Brown University Turned Into An Icky Nightmare

Emma Watson is one of the most popular celebrities in Britain. Having starred in all Harry Potter films, Emma Watson started out her acting career in school plays while at a young age. Emma Watson then hit the big screen after playing Hermione Granger in the Harry Potter franchise. With the Harry Potter series lasting years, a significant number of her current fans grew up watching her. Just a few days ago, Emma Watson revealed that playing the Harry Potter role affected her real personality.

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Posted by Emma Watson on Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Apparently, it was as a result of impersonating her Harry Potter character for so many years. According to Gulf News, Emma Watson recently stated the following in regards to this.

“[I am] my most authentic self. I don’t want there to be a big separation between the public and the private person… It sounds like a ridiculous thing to say, but I’m very interested in truth, in finding ways to be messy and unsure and flawed and incredible and great and my fullest self, all wrapped into one. When you watch the work of someone like actress Emma Thompson, you feel like you’re seeing something true, and I aspire to that.”

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Emma Watson, however, offered that now at 25, she has a greater sense of who she is. Speaking of finding herself, Emma Watson also recently revealed her fascination with meditation. This was during an interview with Metro, a Belgian newspaper. According to a translation by Watson Uncensored, Emma Watson revealed that her love for meditation originated from her interest in Buddhism. Apparently, she found reading books wasn’t enough, and a more hands-on approach was needed for things to work.

When asked whether she has ever been hypnotized, Emma Watson stated that she was a strong believer of spirituality and was cautious against anything that involved giving control of your mind and spiritual well-being to someone else. In addition, Emma Watson admitted that she was doing yoga and had tried numerous times to get certification as an instructor, but has yet to achieve that. Emma Watson also shot down allegations that she had previously joined a silent camp after her breakup with Matt Janney to help her handle the situation, saying it was part of the certification course.

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Posted by Emma Watson on Monday, September 14, 2015

A Brown University graduate, Emma Watson attended the university between 2011 and 2014 and supposedly had some interesting times when away from the classes. According to a Brown University forum on Quora started specifically by alumni students who interacted with Emma Watson during her time there, her life on campus was generally trouble free. This was partly because Brown University students went out of their way to make things normal for her.

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Among one of the most memorable experiences at Brown University, as documented by some of her former school mates, was when two students who were hosting the Men’s Crew rowing competition asked her to join them. However, on the day of practice, all was not well.

The weather was as gloomy, rainy and cold, which made it impossible for things to go on normally. The following is a revelation by one of the Brown University alumni known as Nicholas.

“She [Emma Watson] sat alone bundled in a giant jumpsuit with our coach in the launch and I could tell he wanted no distractions for a day like this. Nevertheless, all the boats were giggling like school girls the entire practice. The weather was so bad we had to finish practice indoors. This means 50 sweaty guys rowing on indoor machines in a very confined section of the boathouse (while the coxswains watch and yell at us). Also, during indoor workouts, the humidity spikes from all the perspiration generated. It’s disgusting. Needless to say, she didn’t come back after that practice.”

All in all, Emma Watson was said to be calm and composed throughout the event and was just like any other student at Brown University.

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