John Stamos Naked Butt In ‘Paper Magazine’: Uncle Jesse From ‘Full House’ Bares Cheeks To ‘Get Attention’

When John Stamos got naked in Paper Magazine á la Kim Kardashian on Monday, an entire generation of women and gay men who spent their childhood fantasizing about Uncle Jesse on Full House got the surprise of their life.

John has been revving his career back up for the newest incarnation of Full House, which is set to hit Netflix sometime next year. As Kim taught the world, Stamos bearing his naked butt is an amazingly effective press tool these days.

John held no poker face whatsoever in the interview that went along with his naked photo shoot. Stamos told Paper straight up that “posing bottomless” was the craziest thing he had done this year. When asked what he does to get attention, his answer was even less coy.

“Pose for PAPER.”

naked John Stamos, even on paper so hot
John Stamos had such charming good looks that the only thing that could outshine him on 'Full House' was the meteoric star power of the Olsen twins. Now he gets naked for Paper Magazine to show the public that he's still got it. (Photo by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images)

Caught in a moment where John was clearly trying to “break the internet,” Paper clearly had to ask the star a few questions about how he deals with online life as a star who emerged when the internet was in its most nascent form. Stamos might have just gotten naked this week, but if you believe an archived version of his Wikipedia page, it wasn’t the first time.

“I never have [edited my page] — but I remember early on reading it and someone else edited in that I had done a bunch or porno films with very funny titles. Clever.”

Similarly, John was asked about which social media giant attracts his attention the most. The actor admitted that he gravitated the most to Twitter but was also a loyal Facebook and Instagram user. Stamos also touched on the hate and gossip that gets rolled out on the net these days, noting that he’s felt a bit naked with the amount of text that gets spilled in the modern age.

“No way. I rarely read about myself — mostly because I’m tired of ‘me’ — and also if you believe the good stuff, you have to believe the bad stuff. I just stay away… No, don’t really read the comments — but [my Grandfathered co-star] Paget Brewster left a scathing one defending me on Deadline recently — I found that quite funny (and sweet).”

nude John Stamos photo stirs up clicks for Paper
Naked Uncle Jesse? That's right, John Stamos joins the ranks of famous rump-bearers in Paper this month. (Photo by Jason Merritt/Getty Images)

Outside of the social side, John also revealed a few of his other media habits. Stamos faithfully checks the Huffington Post every morning when he wakes up, and he’s a big fan of Amy Schumer’s sketch comedy show, revealing it as his most recent binge-watch. John is probably eager to work with the break-out comedian based on another comment he made about what the best of part of his career has been — maybe his naked Paper shoot will get him there.

“Basically, I get to meet truly extraordinary people. I especially like the funny ones. This life has surpassed my ability to describe it. It’s wondrous. I’ve found myself in so many absolutely unbelievable situations… it’s all wonderfully insane.”

You can head over the Paper to see John Stamos naked in his full glory and finally find out what Uncle Jesse looks like without any pants on.

[Image via Ilya S. Savenok/Getty Images]