Unique Spanish Hairstylist Works With Scary Samurai Swords And Fire [Video]

An unconventional hairstylist in Madrid, Spain, cuts hair in a “medieval” style using both Samurai swords and fire, while getting excellent results.

Reminding one vaguely of the film Edward Scissorhands, this unusual Spanish hairdresser is making a name for himself, and the news is now going global after a video was posted to the Facebook page of AJ+. However, Scissorhands has nothing on this hair warrior with his Samurai swords and fire, skillfully styling his clients’ locks.

A video of his rare talents was uploaded to Facebook by AJ+ on December 3, where it has since received an amazing, close-to-170-million views, as he skillfully uses two huge, sharp Japanese Katana swords and some natty claw-like finger scissors, along with fire, to style a woman’s hair.

According to the Local, Alberto Olmedo performs his work with the Japanese swords and fire in his salon in Campamento in the south of Madrid, using age old traditions that these days tend to look extremely scary.

Olmedo told the Spanish news service, El Pais, “People have been using small daggers to cut hair for hundreds of years,” and that his style is pretty much medieval.

“I’m practically using primitive tools: fire, swords, it’s a bit medieval.”

Olmedo added that sometimes you have to use a bit of imagination to get positive results. In the video included at the end of this article, he says that often conventional hairdressing leaves the sides at varying lengths, even if only slightly different, but that his method using Samurai swords and fire does the trick perfectly — it’s all mathematical, as it cuts both sides simultaneously.

Some of the comments on the Facebook post are not too positive. Eve Ankh said, “Talk about hair damage.” Gaby Garcia was even more harsh with her comment, “Customer dies accidentally from head decapitation by hairstylist.”

While the ladies towards the end of the video actually look pretty good and happy with the results, Leanne Davies said: “I notice how the video quickly skimmed over the end results and even from that it was clear the women looked exactly like they had their hair cut by a man with a sword.”

Another commenter on Facebook more recently said, “When you have to make that hard life decision if you wanna be a ninja or a hairdresser.”

Despite the bad comments received on the video, Pablo Cantó, a reporter working for El Pais, decided to try out the Samurai swords and fire experience for himself.

Cantó said on entering the hairdressing salon, it looks pretty much like any other, with a small reception counter, a couple of sinks for washing hair and some chairs for the waiting customers. But then you spot the Katana — or collection of Japanese Samurai weapons — up on the wall, which are the tools of Olmedo’s trade, and therein lies the difference.

Reportedly, Olmeda said he started using swords to cut hair while “looking for a way of doing layers, but not so staggered and abrupt.”

“You could use a knife, but I needed something larger, encompassing more… And the Katana are the solution.”

Apparently Olmeda has also trained his seven staff — including his own wife — to skillfully wield the sharp weapons on clients’ hair, and they each have their own set of Samurai swords to use.

Cantó compared Olmedo, with his precision and reverential air, as being like a “Viking version of Kill Bill” as he cut his own hair — first using fire and then with two swords. He did say that being a winter’s day, the fire was warming, but the smell as his hair burned was, well, not quite so pleasant. However, the result of the haircut was “impressive,” according to Cantó.

Watch Olmedo at work with his swords and fire in the video below and then let us know below if you would dare to enter this unusual hairstylist’s salon and go under the knife, so to speak?

[Photo via YouTube]