NeNe Leakes Talks Sheree Whitfield’s Friendship With Marlo Hampton And Kenya Moore’s Moore Manor Vs. Sheree’s Chateau Sheree

NeNe Leakes’ appearance on Andy Cohen’s talk show Watch What Happens Live on Sunday night after the airing of The Real Housewives of Atlanta showed that she’s in a better place with some of her former enemies. NeNe had good things to say about Cynthia Bailey and Sheree Whitfield. Yet when it comes to Kenya Moore, NeNe made clear that she still doesn’t think very highly of her. NeNe also made clear that she hasn’t mended things with Marlo Hampton.

A viewer called in to ask NeNe whether she thinks Kenya instigates drama. NeNe said that Kenya definitely instigates drama. NeNe even called Kenya a “professional” at stirring things up and then acting as if she didn’t do anything.

“She likes to poke the bear and then act like she’s innocent. She is definitely a professional at that.”

As for Kenya’s current bet with Sheree on Moore Manor being complete before Chateau Sheree, NeNe pointed out that Sheree’s property currently looks very beautiful, whereas Kenya’s property is hardly built. NeNe said that she can’t believe how much Chateau Sheree has progressed.

“It’s [Chateau Sheree] beautiful! You gotta give her that. It’s beautiful… Moore Manor?! I mean it’s not even there yet. It’s… I don’t it’s there yet.”

In November, Kenya revealed that NeNe has blocked her on Twitter.

NeNe responded by telling Kenya to “cut her s**t out.”

“Cut your s**t out Kenya! I’m following you

On last week’s episode of The Real Housewives of Atlanta, Sheree Whitfield and Kenya Moore made a bet on whose property will be complete by Christmas. As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Kenya claimed a few days ago that she’s on track with her construction and was actually ahead of schedule until her contractor made a big mistake. In Sheree’s blog post on Monday, Sheree said that she’s on track as well. She also admitted to having to deal with some delays.

“I am pretty much on track with Chateau Sheree. I’ve had several delays with weather, timeliness of materials, and a few other hiccups that come along with building a custom home. However, I am still very hopeful and continue to keep the faith in this process and look forward to presenting what I consider one of my biggest challenges to date.”

Andy Cohen also asked NeNe Leakes what her thoughts were on Sheree now being friends with Marlo Hampton. NeNe pretended to not know Marlo.

“Who?” she asked.

NeNe gave the audience members a knowing smirk.

Marlo and NeNe used to be very good friends. Marlo even appeared on NeNe’s wedding spin-off and was one of her bridesmaids in her second wedding to Gregg Leakes in 2013. Yet in Season 6, at Cynthia’s fundraiser event, Marlo lashed out at NeNe because after feeling as if NeNe was jealous about her being friends with Kenya. NeNe walked away from a screaming Marlo and threw down her microphone. NeNe revealed in a March 2014 blog post that there were bigger issues between her and Marlo that led to the demise of their friendship. NeNe also said that she’ll never be friends with Marlo again.

While Marlo didn’t give her direct thoughts on NeNe Leakes pretending to not know her, she did retweet some tweets from viewers. One tweet laughed about NeNe still not wanting to talk about Marlo.

Another tweet stated that NeNe needs to get over her drama with Marlo.

As viewers saw on the Season 8 premiere episode, Marlo accompanied Sheree to Cynthia’s eyewear launch party. It was at the party that Kenya claimed, in front of all the housewives, that the neighbors were complaining about Sheree’s construction of Chateau Sheree, which has taken years. Sheree retaliated by saying that Kenya’s property, which is in the same area, is full of mold and in a ditch.

Marlo Hampton is apparently friends with both Sheree Whitfield and Kenya Moore. The night the Real Housewives of Atlanta Season 8 premiere episode aired, Marlo and Kenya, along with Cynthia Bailey, attended a viewing party together. Kenya posted a video showing herself and Marlo laughing about the fight at Cynthia’s party. Marlo called Kenya “messy boots” for being negative to Sheree.

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