Sheree Whitfield Talks Ex-Husband’s Relationship With ‘RHOA’ Cast Member

Sheree Whitfield came back on The Real Housewives of Atlanta after a few seasons of staying out of the spotlight, and it sounds like little has changed in Atlanta for her. She is still building her massive home, and she is still waiting for the money to come in after her divorce. Even though Sheree was ready to come back on the show, she wasn’t counting on Tammy to be there.

Apparently, Tammy is Bob’s best friend. Sheree Whitfield may have been surprised that Tammy joined the show, but it sounds like she has some information that fans don’t know. And she seems eager to share that news. Apparently, she believes that Whitfield only married Bob for his money.

According to a new Bravo report, Sheree Whitfield is now revealing that she doesn’t really care what Tammy says about her former marriage. Whitfield and Tammy will get into a heated altercation next week, but for now, Whitfield proves that she married him for love — not his cash.

“I was really surprised to hear what Tammy was saying about me. I’ve met her through my ex and have seen her around, however we have never said more than hello. I found it really strange that someone who has a son by an ex-NBA player but was never wifed up would judge and stereotype another woman,” Whitfield reveals in her blog after learning that Tammy was talking badly about her behind her back.

“I believe the stereotype needs to stop! First off, Bob and I dated on and off for many, many years AND had two children (not one), and were living together prior to saying ‘I do’! I’ve learned long ago that people will judge you no matter what, that some people are just ignorant, and lastly that you can’t please everyone!” Sheree Whitfield points out.

Before Sheree went on the boat trip with the other ladies, Tammy had told the other ladies that she was convinced that Sheree only married Bob for money. At the time, he was an NFL player, but when they split, he struggled to pay child support. He has since filed for personal bankruptcy and Sheree again reminded fans that she did not marry for money.

And maybe Whitfield didn’t see Tammy as an immediate threat this season. After being at Cynthia Bailey’s party for mere minutes, Whitfield was questioned by Kenya Moore about her massive home.

“When I was invited to Kenya’s event, my initial thoughts were, ‘Oh hell to the no! This chick is uncouth and has zero class.’ Nevertheless, I decided to be a bigger person by showing up and supporting her. I’m all about supporting women and their business endeavors, because so many women choose to do the opposite. For some reason women aren’t as supportive towards other women,” Sheree Whitfield reveals in regards to her first impressions of Kenya Moore, according to Reality Tea.

The two ladies have been battling it out in regards to their homes. Even though Kenya Moore started much later than Sheree, she could be done her home well before Whitfield. But if you ask Sheree, she thinks she can finish up Chateau Sheree sooner rather than later.

“I am pretty much on track with Chateau Sheree. I’ve had several delays with weather, timeliness of materials, and a few other hiccups that come along with building a custom home. However, I am still very hopeful and continue to keep the faith in this process and look forward to presenting what I consider one of my biggest challenges to date,” Whitfield reveals in her Bravo blog.

Why do you think Tammy is so vocal about Sheree Whitfield’s former marriage to Bob?

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