WWE News: Huge Update On Sami Zayn, Possibly Wrestling At NXT Takeover London

Injuries happen in the WWE. They're unfortunate, non-timely and always ruin the plans of creative. For example, the WWE had big plans for Hideo Itami before he hurt his shoulder. At WWE's show in Japan, Itami was supposed to win the WWE NXT championship from Kevin Owens and then enter a big program with Finn Balor. They were supposed to work off the fact that they were tag-team partners and great friends.

It's similar to what WWE NXT is doing with Samoa Joe and Balor right now. They made a wise decision and moved that program back a bit and with a new opponent. WWE NXT took a bad situation and made it work very well. Now, Joe and Balor are the main event of NXT Takeover London. All it took was two months of calculated bookings and two great workers.

Samoa Joe Finn Balor WWE
[Image via WWE]This is another case of a man going down right before his big break. Cesaro just experienced this on the main roster. Right before undergoing shoulder surgery, Cesaro was rumored to be headed for a big WWE championship program. Whether that's true or not, Cesaro's injury couldn't have came at a worse time.

Right now, Sami Zayn has missed too much time. On WWE Raw, Zayn faced John Cena and suffered an injury. He's still out, but that could change. According to Daily Wrestling News, Sami Zayn is headed back to WWE NXT very soon.

"It's now confirmed that Sami Zayn will be returning to the ring on the WWE NXT UK tour that kicks off this week."

"There has bee a lot of speculation on whether or not Sami would be wrestling or just appearing but his in-ring return is now confirmed."

"Sami is scheduled to compete in a Triple Threat with Baron Corbin and WWE NXT Champion Finn Balor on Saturday in Sheffield, England. Other matches announced for that show include Emma vs. NXT Women's Champion Bayley and Apollo Crews vs. Samoa Joe."

If that isn't enough confirmation, Zayn tweeted that he is coming back.The notion that Zayn is going to be on the tour in the U.K. means he should appear at the NXT special. In recent weeks, they've been teasing his inevitable return to action. However, there's one thing missing from all this. Kevin Owens isn't in WWE NXT anymore. Their feud basically ended when Zayn lost to him in their rematch. It wasn't a technical spectacle, but rather a beatdown.

When he does return, who will he face? As it says in the report above, Zayn is scheduled to face Corbin and Balor on that Saturday. That's all it says. The possibility even exists of Zayn just showing up in WWE NXT and then going up to the main roster, immediately. If it weren't for his injury, he would've been where Kevin Owens went.

Zayn Owens
[Image via WWE]Owens got to have a great feud with John Cena and defeat him in his first match on the main roster. Now, Owens is the Intercontinental champion, working Dean Ambrose at TLC. Is NXT Takeover London the next, big step for Sami Zayn? It's likely if the WWE takes notice and brings him up to the main roster. Then again, after watching WWE Raw, Zayn just might be better off staying in NXT.

[Image via WWE]