Prince George Is ‘Like A Rabbit’ Bouncing With Excitement As Christmas Nears, Jokes Prince William

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are on the brink of celebrating their first Christmas as a family of four, and it seems that they are anticipating an energetic holiday. In a new interview, Prince William says that Prince George is like a rabbit bouncing around the house as Christmas approaches, but it sounds as if he’s excited to embrace the fun of it all.

The family-related details came via an interesting new interview. Prince William met the interviewer, Sophia Kichou, several years ago via his work with a charity organization named Centrepoint. As the organization details, the Duke of Cambridge first met Kichou after she became homeless at the age of 18. She was staying at the Centrepoint hostel and she talked with William about her goal to become a journalist.

William told Sophia that she could interview him some day, and that day recently arrived. Kichou had the opportunity to meet up with Prince William at Kensington Palace, and he shared some fun details about his family life.

This is the family’s first Christmas with Princess Charlotte, who is now 7-months-old. While she will not grasp much about the big holiday yet, it seems the royal couple’s son is at a stage where he is figuring it out and a wee bit excited. As People details, Prince William says that the excitement bounding from Prince George will be like a rabbit, as he will be bouncing around so much.


Prince William does not anticipate getting much sleep on Christmas Eve, he shares. He says that his 2-year-old son has figured out just enough about Christmas to be appreciative of all the fun ahead, and while William knows that it will be quite challenging to rein that in, he is also looking forward to it.

As for more specific Christmas plans, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge will be heading to Anmer Hall, their Norfolk country home. They will attend church on Christmas Day as a family and embrace the chaos of Prince George tackling all of his gift opening after that.

The family has a tradition of attending church at Sandringham Church, notes ABC News. This is the same church where Princess Charlotte was christened last summer. Those who follow the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge know that William and Kate have spent the holiday in this area for quite a few years now.

William has had tied to Centrepoint for many years, as his mother, Princess Diana, had been a patron of the charity, as well. He shares that had been struck at a young age by the struggles those utilizing Centrepoint experienced, and he has carried on his patronage of the charity in his mother’s honor.

For Kichou’s part, she indicates that she was initially fairly nervous about interviewing Prince William. Ultimately, though, it seems that it went well and she enjoyed the experience. The full interview is now available in the Big Issue, a weekly magazine whose sales support the homeless in Great Britain.

While fans may not get to see much in the way of specifics regarding Prince George’s “like a rabbit” bounding on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, it sounds as if the royal family indeed has a fun and chaotic holiday ahead. Royal watchers do not necessarily get many peeks into the lives of Prince George and Princess Charlotte, but it certainly appears that Prince William and Kate Middleton have a couple of happy, sweet, and energetic children on their hands.


[Photo by Chris Jackson/Getty Images]