WWE News: WWE Making Major Changes To ‘WWE RAW’ Tonight After Bad Reviews

Everything’s changing in the WWE. While that’s been a consistent theme of recent articles, it was only meant to try and reach an ultimate conclusion for the WWE’s product. Nothing’s set in stone, but after recent developments on their flagship show, WWE RAW, there’s nothing that can be done, other than going up. When most of the WWE Universe talks poorly about the product simultaneously, that’s a bad sign. Social media is simply a place to air grievances during WWE RAW instead of enjoying the show.

Going back to WWE’s latest mistake, it began last week on RAW. So, Sheamus found himself a new stable. Rusev, Wade Barrett, and Alberto Del Rio make up the League of Nations. Del Rio was with Zeb Colter and Jack Swagger. So, is that feud not happening anymore? Also, Roman Reigns effectively beat the new stable on Smackdown in a 1-on-4 elimination, handicap match.

Roman Reigns WWE Smackdown Roman Reigns and Rusev on Smackdown. [Image via YouTube]That was just one of the problems. Early in the show last week, the Authority said that if Reigns lost his match to Sheamus, Dean Ambrose and the Usos would love their respective title matches. So, Reigns ended up beating Sheamus by DQ after a run-in by the League of Nations. There was no resolution to the demand made by the Authority. He technically won, so everyone got their title matches and Reigns magically was dubbed a rematch at TLC.

It’s simply an illogical way to book wrestling, but the incompetent booking may come to an end very soon. According to F4WOnline.com and WrestlingInc.com,changes could be made to tonight’s WWE RAW that would affect the program in a major way.

“For what it’s worth, F4Wonline.com indicates that there may be significant creative changes beginning on tonight’s WWE RAW. Details were sketchy but it sounds like there may be changes due to the survey WWE recently issued asking fans to compare WWE NXT with the main roster.”

The surveys that the WWE sent out are very interesting, because instead of reading social media, they want to send out that to ensure the fans’ response. In two different surveys, they asked the fans what was wrong with the product. In their second survey in as many weeks, the WWE requested the fans to compare WWE RAW to WWE NXT.

While the social media response alone is magnificent, WWE officials apparently can’t understand the differences. WWE NXT is a near-perfect wrestling show that features many different talents, logical booking, sound judgement and spectacular wrestling. Since the numbers don’t come out on how many viewers it has, one can assume it’s in the millions.

NXT Takeover Brooklyn sold out in under an hour, which was held at the Barclays Center. WWE NXT has only one writer, and then Triple H makes the final decision on creative. NXT is one hour, so they have to decide what is best for that night of action. Each storyline has a clear heel and face, which is easily identifiable.

Zayn Owens [Image via YouTube]As for WWE RAW and WWE Smackdown, none of it is that easy. The former is three hours and the latter is two hours. Both shows have more than 10 writers on hand that try and write the show. Vince McMahon is out of touch, and gets the final say on what goes on television. Everything is 50/50 when it comes to booking feuds. Stars cannot be created, and they have a champion who the fans don’t care about.

All of that seems very critical, but the WWE needs to be critical at this time. They lost 25-percent of their viewership since the Summer, and it doesn’t look like it’ll be heading in a right direction soon. Perhaps tonight will change everything.

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