Christmas Card Features Nevada Politician And Her Family Toting Guns, Including Young Grandson

It’s not unusual to see a Christmas card from many celebrities and politicians this time of year. However, one particular gun-toting family picture has stirred up plenty of controversy. Nevada Assemblywoman Michele Fiore recently posted her family’s official Yuletide calendar photo complete with beautiful decorations, red shirts, and guns. Not exactly your ordinary holiday family portrait.

The family stands in front of a beautifully decorated tree, as seen in the picture posted on Fiore’s Facebook page last week. The members of her family, including her grandkids, are all decked out in casual jeans and Christmas red shirts. Looking more closely at the photo, you can see that all of the adults are holding, or carrying, various types of guns, while also holding their children. Fiore’s five-year-old grandson is also featured front and center holding a firearm.


Michele Fiore is a huge supporter of the right to bear arms and is not afraid to speak out. This Christmas card certainly says it all. She makes it quite clear that she and her family fully believe in the Second Amendment.

She included this message with the controversial card.

“It’s up to Americans to protect America. We’re just your ordinary American family. With love & liberty, Michele.”

The Christmas card even described what kind of gun each family member is holding. It read, “From Left to Right, David: Beretta 92FS, Sheena: Glock 30 45 acp, Michele: Serbu Super Shorty 12ga, Lill: Extar EXP556, Jake: Walther p22 (22lr), Savanah: Glock 19 9 mm, Kyle: Glock 30 45asp.”

She does not have any regrets at all for posting it, even after what happened in San Bernardino, CA. She tells CNN that Americans should not feel defenseless, and we are allowing these terrorists into our country.

The Nevada politician sends a message to everyone.

“My strong message to you is its time Americans begin protecting America. Get armed, get trained get your head out if the sand and be prepared.”

In an exclusive interview with Fox News, Michele Fiore said that Christmas is a family affair, and guns make a great gift for anyone, so she decided to mix the two to create the December photo for the calendar. She said that she had received mixed reactions to it. Fiore said that the negative comments were quite vile and disgusting.

However, most of the Facebook comments have ranged from calling her a hero to praising her for standing up for the right to bear arms. Some had even said that she has earned their votes. Many of Fiore’s photos on social media show her with a gun in hand. Those images include a message defending her right and those of all Americans to be able to stand behind the Second Amendment.


As for her grandson, Jake, who is toting his own gun, she claims that he has been through a kid’s training program, so he is familiar with them and how they work. Michele Fiore also points out that as seen in the Christmas card, his finger is not on the trigger at all. It was also unloaded, and she told Fox News that he had “total trigger control.” The other grandkids are younger than he is, but they will most likely be trained as well when they get a little older.

The Republican Assemblywoman believes in protecting American families and the right to bear arms to do just that. She is selling the 2016 Michelle Fiore’s Walk the Talk 2nd Amendment calendar, and it is chock full of photos featuring the politician and her guns.

Michele Fiore defends family snapshot. (Photo by Michele Fiore Twitter)

What is your position on this family’s Christmas card? Is it inappropriate for the holidays or is it the perfect time to make a statement supporting the right to bear arms?

[Photo by David McNew/Getty Images]