Charlie Sheen: Brett Rossi Discusses Nightmares, Fear Of Her Former Fiancé

Charlie Sheen’s former fiancée, Brett Rossi, said she still suffers from nightmares due to months of relentless “emotional and physical abuse.” In a recent interview, the former adult film star confirmed she is “terrified” of her former lover.

As reported by the New York Daily News, Charlie Sheen and Brett Rossi were introduced in 2013 during an arranged, and paid, sexual encounter. In the months following the initial meeting, the actor and actress fell in love.

According to Rossi, her former lover did not voluntarily disclose he was diagnosed with HIV. Instead, she learned about the diagnosis when she discovered a bottle of medication used to treat the devastating disease.

Although she was terribly distraught, Brett said she and Charlie were both “emotionally invested” and she was not willing to walk away from the relationship.

In an interview with Fox News, Rossi said she was concerned about contracting HIV. However, she began taking medication to reduce the possibility.

As reported by People, Charlie Sheen and Brett Rossi were in a relationship from November 2013 to October 2014. However, according to Rossi, those 12 months were a nightmare.

In March 2014, Rossi reportedly found out she was pregnant with Sheen’s child. As he was HIV positive, he encouraged his fiancée to seek an abortion. When Brett resisted, Charlie reportedly “erupted into a fit of rage, stating he would ‘kick her to the curb.'”

Although she eventually consented to terminate the pregnancy, Rossi said she was devastated. Eight months later, Sheen ended the relationship, and the former adult film star attempted to take her own life.

Brett said Charlie was specifically cruel in the weeks following her suicide attempt. In addition to recovering from the break-up and her overdose, she said she received numerous “insulting and demeaning test messages” from her former lover.

In a lawsuit, which was filed on December 3, Brett accuses the 50-year-old actor of assault, battery, emotional distress, negligence, and false imprisonment.

As stated in the lawsuit, Sheen is accused of mentally and physically assaulting Rossi on numerous occasions throughout their relationship. He is further accused of forcing the then 24-year-old woman to sign a non-disclosure agreement, which the former adult film star said she simply did not understand.

Although Charlie reportedly offered to pay Brett more than $1 million in damages, he rescinded his offer following an appearance on the Today show.

During the November 17 interview with Matt Lauer, Charlie Sheen publicly admitted he was diagnosed with HIV in 2011.

In addition to revealing the devastating diagnosis, Sheen confessed he was extorted by former friends and lovers who knew he was infected with HIV.

As reported by MSN, the actor claims he paid out nearly $10 million to prevent the diagnosis from going public.

“We’re talking about shakedowns. I’ve paid people, not that many, but enough to bring it into the millions… I trusted them and they were deep in my inner circle, and I thought they could be helpful. My trust turned to their treason. I think I released myself from this prison today.”

Although Charlie hoped the Today show appearance would quell the rumors and stop the extortion attempts, he is now facing numerous lawsuits from former lovers who claim he risked their lives by failing to disclose the diagnosis.

A native of New York City, Carlos Irwin Estévez is the son of actor Martin Sheen and the brother of Emilio Estevez, Renée Estevez, and Ramon Estevez — who are also actors.

Although he is an accomplished actor who has received numerous awards for his work, Charlie Sheen is equally notorious for his issues with substance abuse.

Charlie Sheen’s former fiancée, Brett Rossi, said she still suffers from nightmares due to the abuse she suffered while he was using drugs. An attorney, speaking on behalf of the actor, has denied all of Rossi’s allegations.

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