‘Once Upon A Time’ Spoilers: Emma’s Magic, Hook’s Sacrifice, And The Underworld

The Once Upon a Time winter finale confirmed what had been suspected for some time now, that season 5B would see what the series’ take on the Underworld is. There has been casting news and hints throughout the first half of the season, and the events of the last new episode until March and the promo for the show’s return tease the beginning of the journey to save one of their own.

In the latest Once Upon a Time Season 5 episode, in order to get his revenge, Hook set forth a plan that marked Gold for the Underworld – but he wasn’t the only one. Also bearing the mark of Charon were Mary Margaret, David, Regina, Robin Hood, Henry, and the dwarves. In order to save her family, Emma was prepared to sacrifice herself using the same plan she had had for Zelena in order to get rid of the darkness. However, in the episode that had Hook facing the question of what kind of man he is, he made the ultimate sacrifice and told Emma to kill him. The couple kissed and said “I love you” before she stabbed him with Excalibur, and Hook went out just like he wanted to — a hero, despite his actions, as Colin O’Donoghue told Entertainment Weekly.

“He does it for the greater good, even though he was the architect of all the problems. He does it for love, and I think that makes him feel like he is, in some way, a hero, and proving himself to Emma and to the people of Storybrooke.”

However, just because Hook died – the EMTs in Storybrooke took away his body and everything – doesn’t mean that that’s the last you’ll see of O’Donoghue. As the actor revealed, “he’s sticking around, but in a completely different way and quite shocking.” That’s what happens when the next part of the season is going to take place in the Underworld.

Gold in Once Upon a Time season 5 Gold is once again a Dark One on Once Upon a Time. [Image via ABC]Though Hook sacrificed himself, it was without a big piece of information, namely that Gold set the wheels in motion to become the Dark One yet again. When Emma was drawn to his shop at the end of the winter finale, she discovered that, as she suspected, he did have the dagger — and it bore the name Rumplestiltskin once again. See, instead of destroying the darkness like Hook thought he was, he was just acting as a conduit to put it somewhere else (back in Gold).

But that’s something that Emma can use to her advantage. Refusing to leave Hook in the Underworld, she forced Gold into helping her with the threat of revealing what he did to Belle. As she told her family, she knew that someone would have to die in order for her to get Hook back. Her plan was to do what her parents are doing: share a heart with Killian. And so as “Swan Song” ended, Emma, Mary Margaret, Henry, Regina, Robin Hood, and Gold headed to Charon’s boat to go to the Underworld.

“The weird thing about finding out that Gold is the Dark One again is that she’s furious at him, but at the same time, she now has a way to Hook,” Jennifer Morrison told EW. “As much as she’s furious at him, she also is grateful in a weird way that this is giving her a second chance at saving the man that she loves.”

Something to look forward to when the series returns is Emma’s return to “savior magic,” as Morrison shared with Mashable that “her savior magic is intact.” (The winter finale also saw Emma return to the savior she was. The Dark Swan is no more.) Something interesting to watch out for is what that means for her on this journey to save Hook because “there is a mention that in the initial arrival in the underworld, anyone who’s dealing with magic is shaken a little bit, but Emma sinks into hers pretty quick.”

Though Once Upon a Time isn’t back until March with the next new episode, ABC still aired a promo teasing what to expect from this trip to the Underworld — and who will be returning because of it. First of all, the Underworld looks like Storybrooke. “This is our reality now,” Gold says. The dead are back, Hook has a gravestone and Cora warns Regina, “There are forces at play here beyond your understanding.”

Once Upon a Time Season 5 returns Sunday, March 6 at 8 p.m. on ABC.

[Image via ABC]