‘RHOC’ Star Heather Dubrow Slams Vicki Gunvalson’s ‘Bulls**t Apology’

The Real Housewives of Orange County’s current season may be over, but that hasn’t stopped some of the cast members from continuing the drama in the off-season. The latest drama started after Vicki Gunvalson issued an apology for Brooks Ayers‘ lies about cancer. In reply, RHOC star Heather Dubrow had a few choice words for Gunvalson, which she shared in an interview with Radar Online.

“We’re all over her. We are over the lies and we are over the propaganda tour and we are all over the whole thing,” Dubrow explained in the interview. “It really sucks what she’s done and I will tell you what I really don’t like. What I don’t like is the bulls**t apology that isn’t really an apology. It’s an apology for being duped.”

Heather Dubrow and Vicki Gunvalson filming 'RHOC.' [Image via Bravo]

The real controversy surrounding Gunvalson’s apology centers on just how much she knew about her ex-boyfriend’s lies and why she did not speak out against him until after the season was over. These questions have not sat well with some of the ladies on the show, including Dubrow.

“I agree that she was probably duped herself at some point,” Dubrow stated. “At some point she knew. I wish she would just say, ‘I’m sorry. I lied.’ Then we could heal. We could all move on. There isn’t any doubt in my mind, however, that she knew about this lie.”

The fact that Gunvalson has yet to admit that she had a part in the lies about Ayers’ battle with cancer is something that Dubrow believes needs to be addressed soon.

“Vicki’s sort of doing these blanket apologies about, ‘I’m sorry I was duped, I’m sorry, I should’ve listened to you all.’ That sort of thing,” she told ET Online. “But she has admitted to lying, and then the story changes, and she hasn’t apologized for the lies. ‘Cause the lies involved all of us, and dragged us into a story that we didn’t want to be involved in.”

Brooks Ayers lied to all of the 'Real Housewives of Orange County' about having cancer. [Image via Bravo]

Although Heather Dubrow was decidedly tough in her stance against Gunvalson’s actions, she did offer some advice to her co-star. In particular, Dubrow believes everyone would be better off if Gunvalson took some time away by herself.

“I think there are times that people need to understand to hibernate. I’ve been in that place before. I had a bad season a couple years ago,” she explained. “I had to take accountability for what happened with me, and what happened with the show and my relationships. And I hibernated, and got myself together.”

Meanwhile, OK! Magazine is reporting that some fans have expressed their disapproval with how Gunvalson handled the situation with Ayers. Apparently, some fans have gone as far as vowing not to watch the show as long as Gunvalson remains.

For her part, Gunvalson does not seem to be troubled by these latest developments. In fact, the reality star recently debuted her first venture into the world of fragrances with her new line, V by Vicki. Additionally, Gunvalson has yet to release a statement on Dubrow’s recent comments, let alone addressing the negative reaction she has received from fans of the show.

As far as Dubrow is concerned, the reality star is not sure if she will be a part of the show when filming for the next season begins. That decision depends on how Gunvalson chooses to handle herself in the coming months.

“You know, I have a lot of emotions,” Dubrow admitted. “I think I’m relieved, and sad, and angry — you know, all kinds of emotions erupt … I think there’s a long time between now and when we start shooting, so, I guess we’ll just have to see what happens.”

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[Image via Bravo]