Bindi Irwin And Derek Hough Reunited In Australia, Pro Dancer Gets Some Creature Love

It has been just a couple of weeks since Bindi Irwin won that Mirror Ball trophy on Dancing with the Stars with her special pro partner, Derek Hough. She has since gone back to her life in Australia, tending to all of the animals that she adores so much. Derek had said that he would be visiting her very soon, and now it looks like he has finally made it to the land down under.

The dancing duo was reunited, and they have pictures to prove it. Apparently, Hough arrived at the Australia Zoo, where Bindi lives with her family, sometime over the weekend. He sent out a few photos on his Instagram, sharing his time with a few furry friends, and it looks like those creatures may just be a bit smitten with Derek Hough.

Bindi Irwin expressed her excitement at introducing her partner and best bud to her favorite place in the world and to all of the inhabitants that live there. Derek is seen in one photo lying next to a gorgeous kangaroo. He is just chilling with the animal looking quite relaxed in jean shorts, a white T-shirt, and a straw hat. He then got lots of love from a ring-tailed lemur sitting on his shoulder.

It looks like he is getting a few lessons in creature care from his little Bindi, as he calls the Dancing with the Stars champ. They both sent out a photo on social media of themselves sitting together in front of a huge rhinoceros.


For the first few days since the DWTS finale, Bindi Irwin and Derek Hough had many stops to make for interviews and guest appearances. Now that it has all settled down, they are both back to a more usual routine.


While Irwin has been back at the zoo educating people on the creature world, Derek has spent some of his time relaxing after a grueling schedule. According to his posts on social media, the six-time Mirror Ball trophy winner took a trip to Hawaii to hit the waves and swim with sharks. Yes, Derek Hough braved the deep waters to go take photos of sharks! He called it his “solo journey.”

It looks like Bindi Irwin’s excitement for animals might have rubbed off on the pro dancer. He even took a selfie as he was in the water with his scuba gear on. He then snapped a few photos of sharks as they were swimming around him. Those sharks may have even displayed their own dance moves in the water just to impress Mr. Hough. Derek captioned one photo as he was trying to get a snapshot.

“Excuse me, Mr. Shark! Mr. Shark! Who are you wearing? Is it true you’re dating Selena Gomez? What are your diet secrets?”

He mentioned just how incredible the ocean animals are, and he now has a newfound respect for them. Being fearful of them before this experience, Hough told his fans that he even witnessed the sharks’ different personalities. Bindi Irwin must be so proud.

He also took a helicopter ride over a beautiful hidden waterfall and steered his drone over a huge ocean wave to capture the awesomeness firsthand. It sounds like he was definitely connecting with nature. The next stop was to Australia to chill with his “little Bindi.”

Bindi Irwin in Australia (Photo by Matt Roberts/Getty Images)

What has the wildlife enthusiast been doing with her time since she got back home? The 17-year-old has been spending some quality time with her family, mom Teri Irwin and younger brother Robert. He just celebrated his 12th birthday, and Bindi was able to celebrate with him. It is obvious how much she adores her family. She has also been seen with her boyfriend, Chandler.

Irwin also did an awesome photo shoot with a few furry friends, including a koala, a dingo, and a snake, who all seemed to love that Mirror Ball trophy she brought back home to Australia. The photos were posted on ET, and they are so amazing to see.


Now Bindi Irwin gets to show Derek Hough her home and introduce him to all of her friends, including the non-human kind. It looks like these two have formed a lifelong friendship, as they have touched each other in a very special way during their time together on DWTS.

[Photo by Angela Weiss/Getty Images for Caruso Affiliated]