‘RHOA’ Reactions: Porsha And Cynthia Make Up As Reports Of New Porsha Fight With Jami Ziegler Surface [Spoilers]

The latest episode of the Real Housewives of Atlanta has caused the RHOA hashtag to trend again on Sunday night. Airing on December 6, prior to the new Bravo series titled Work Out New York — which might end up being a hit in its own right — RHOA was replete with drama once more. Not only was the full fight and aftermath of the fight between Porsha Williams and Cynthia Bailey shown, with the duo making up nicely over lunch, but reactions from the other RHOA cast mates were shown as well. It was interesting to see the perspectives of folks like Kenya Moore and Kim Fields and other RHOA reality TV show members, and their viewpoint of the fight that began on a boat.


With that fight with Cynthia well behind her, Porsha is now the subject of other fight rumors, as reported by TMZ. According to the publication, Porsha got into a fight again with another woman. This time, the subject of Porsha’s anger was her good friend — a woman named Jami Ziegler. Apparently, Ziegler wasn’t a good enough friend for Porsha to not lay hands on the woman.

Jami’s sin was to bring the wrong “plus one” guy to a Christmas party. Of course, the RHOA cameras caught the melee on tape, so expect that scene to be used in plenty of sweeps weeks footage or super trailers or every “First Look” teasing opportunity where it can be used to drum up drama. Already, new previews of the RHOA coming episodes show some sort of bad reactions that Kenya has to unknown men at a different gathering.

For the fight involving Porsha, it was the fact that Ziegler brought some kind of a man to the party that upset Porsha. It’s not known if that guy was Duke Williams, the same young man that Porsha agreeably made a fool of herself over during recent RHOA episodes, as she was shown going over the top to call Duke the most-valuable man in her life. After that embarrassing party that Duke wanted to run away from, he ended up standing up Porsha for a sexy FaceTime date. Williams had made a special shopping trip to buy fancy lingerie for the FaceTime date and everything, but instead she ended up chatting with a RHOA cast mate and talked about pleasing herself.

Whoever the guy was that got Porsha so upset, it made her try and get her friend Jami thrown out of the party. When that didn’t happen, Williams left, but followed Jami outside and pushed her to the ground and pulled her hair and punched the woman. It’s not the first time that Porsha will be shown in a scary altercation on RHOA.

Porsha’s first famous fight on RHOA involved a knock-down, drag-out fight with Kenya, wherein Porsha talked about embarrassing herself after she pulled Moore to the ground by her hair after Kenya called Porsha dumb and yelled in her face with a loud bullhorn.


The next major fight involving Porsha was the recently shown one with Cynthia on the boat.

Apparently, the next Porsha fight will feature Jami.


It’s not known if Porsha truly has an anger management issue, or if Williams keeps getting into fights on RHOA while the cameras are rolling in order to ensure that she’ll keep her position as an interesting RHOA character. Upcoming episodes of RHOA will feature Porsha twerking with her naked butt barely covered in a thong as the other cast mates look on with sadness and prayers for Porsha.

Nene Leakes appeared on the Watch What Happens Live show that aired after RHOA, and Leakes made sure to tell Andy Cohen that she has personally called Porsha to offer her advice on what to do and what not to do on the show.

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