Ed Sheeran Fever: Is He The Biggest Male Pop Star In The World?

Unless you’ve been living under a rock and haven’t turned on the radio in the past two years, you’ve heard of Ed Sheeran (or at least know a few of his songs). Sheeran’s rise to stardom has been touted as unlikely by some, given his average Joe appearance. But his musical talents have wowed even those with discerning taste.

According to the Sydney Morning Herald, Ed Sheeran’s second album, X, which is pronounced “multiply,” has been in the Aria top 10 album charts for the past 18 months. So what’s with the Ed Sheeran fever? His rise in popularity seems to be equal parts raw musical talent, intrigue, and likability.

To begin with, Sheeran’s concerts and live performances contain something completely out of the ordinary for most of today’s pop stars; raw, unfiltered talent without auto-tune or backup singers. He plays everything live and he’s the only one on stage, strumming along on his guitar and rocking his loop pedal. If that’s not impressive enough, the ginger star also manages to engage and wow audiences by getting them to sing along with him and by dancing on stage. Some fans have described his stage presence as electric.

“Recently, Sheeran addressed the issue of playing his concerts live when he said, ‘I have a couple of disclaimers before the gig starts, I never really started my gigs with disclaimers before but I’ve had some experiences over the last couple of months that have made me want to do it… I did a gig in Winnipeg in Canada and I got my first ever complaint at a concert, a couple wanted their money back after the gig because they said I played with a backing track the whole show… This thing at my feet is called a loop station. Everything you hear tonight is completely live and comes from this guitar and this microphone.'”

Ed Sheeran fever (Photo by Lisa Maree Williams/Getty Images)

Not only does his music attract a wide variety of audiences (teenage girls, families, geeks, and rock fans alike), but he’s also captured the attention of other celebrities. When NASCAR driver Kurt Busch announced his engagement in August, he said that his soon-to-be wife wants Sheeran to perform at their wedding. The wedding date and Sheeran’s response to the request has yet to be determined.

Kyle Busch said, “We’re working on trying to find dates and places and performers. She’s got a laundry list of performers that she wants. Ed Sheeran’s one of them. I’m going to be just in awe to see how all this comes together.”

But despite his musical success and amounting wealth, Sheeran likes to stay humble and gives himself a surprisingly low allowance. According to the Daily Mirror, Ed allows himself a modest £1,000 a month to spend on whatever he wants.

Perhaps it’s this type of relatability that makes him so likable. Sheeran is by most accounts just an average guy who worked hard his whole life to achieve his dream, and it paid off. According to Mashable, Ed Sheeran has become the most streamed artist in the U.K.

So what’s next for Sheeran? At the young age of just 24-years-old and popularity that isn’t waning, we anticipate he’ll be in the spotlight for years to come. If you haven’t been to an Ed Sheeran concert yet, take a cue from fans worldwide and buy a ticket: you won’t regret it.

Ed Sheeran fever (Photo by Graham Denholm/Getty Images)

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