WWE Rumors, Spoilers: Preview For ‘Raw’ Brings Stable Fights And An ‘Extreme Brother’

There is less than one week until the big TLC event that is going to bring danger, trouble, and a number of title defenses. Rumors and spoilers going around for this week’s Monday Night Raw include plenty of build-up for the Pay-Per-View and a number of other angle advancements, which will lead to more matches as well.

WWE released this week’s “Five-Point Preview” for Monday Night Raw, and it’s looking like the old turf wars from the Attitude Era are making a comeback.

Along with the numerous stables battling it out this week, there could actually be yet another extreme return if all goes as it seems to be going. Last week, it was Tommy Dreamer, but who could show up in WWE this Monday?


The League of Nations is strong with two champions among them, and Sheamus is going to make sure that they run WWE. His main plan was to outnumber Roman Reigns and take him down without much trouble, but he didn’t quite count on Reigns finding back-up.

wwe rumors stables the family [Image via WWE]Reigns found help in the Usos and Dean Ambrose who are backing him up and making things even. It will be interesting to see who gets the final upper-hand before TLC, as both sides are bound to meet up at least one more time.

All in the family

The Wyatt Family still outnumbers the Dudley Boyz even after Tommy Dreamer returned last week to try and settle the score. As reported by WrestleZone, Bubba Ray Dudley has been proclaiming that he knows they need help and it may be coming on Monday night.

Rumors have flown around that Rob Van Dam or Rhyno could be back in WWE to help the former members of ECW. It may be another ECW Original that shows up, but Bubba Ray’s comment about an “EXTREME BROTHER” may mean something closer to home.

Maybe Spike Dudley?

Face value

This is kind of an odd one to include in the Five-Point Preview as it deals with The Miz offering assistance to Neville. It doesn’t seem like either one are going to have a match at TLC, but if there is actually a partnership coming between the two, then that makes it even stranger.

High anxiety for The New Day

The New Day issued an open challenge for their WWE Tag Titles a couple of weeks ago, but they later rescinded it when both the Usos and Lucha Dragons accepted. Soon after, the titles were announced to be on the line at TLC, but then it got even worse for the champs.

wwe tlc tag titles match [Image via WWE]Now, things have gotten even more troublesome for The New Day as not only are their titles on the line, but they have to defend them in a ladder match. It’s going to be a match full of high-flying spots and a lot of power so it should be a good one.

All’s Flair in love and war

Even though Charlotte appears headed toward a Divas Title defense against Paige at TLC, the focus seems to be more on the eventual heel turn coming. Charlotte appears headed for a heel turn, especially the way she has treated Becky Lynch lately.

It’s looking more and more like Charlotte is turning like her dad, Ric Flair, with each passing day.

Monday Night Raw is the last big chance for many to prove themselves before TLC on Sunday, even though SmackDown will take place in between. The stables are growing, the families are fighting, and it’s going to be an extreme week.

[Image via WWE]