Wrestling News: AJ Styles Injured, Could Affect WWE Decision

In wrestling news, AJ Styles has been injured again for the second time in a month, and it could affect his decision on WWE, according to Wrestling Inc.

Last month, it was revealed that AJ Styles was forced to take time away from professional wrestling because his back was feeling the effects of all those bumps that performers are required to do. The former TNA World Heavyweight Champion takes a bit more punishment than the average wrestler since he has a high-flying style that entertains so many. After thinking that the back was healed, Styles decided to hit the road again with New Japan Pro Wrestling. That decision is now haunting him because he has been sidelined once again.

To give you an idea of just how bad the back injury is, AJ Styles is actually being forced to miss a tournament. Unlike WWE, tournaments in New Japan Pro Wrestling are treated as extremely special events. The creative department is very meticulous about the tournament bracket and who gets put over. Styles was scheduled to team with Yujiro Takahashi, his stablemate in the extremely popular Bullet Club stable. Now, all those matches will be forfeits. AJ might also be forced to miss his match against Jay Lethal at Final Battle and his match against Hiroshi Tanahashi at Wrestle Kingdom 10.

Wrestling news AJ Styles injured

AJ Styles to WWE

Over the past couple of weeks, there have been rumors floating around that AJ Styles was considering a contract with NXT. The developmental promotion in WWE has had a major change of policy over the past couple of years. Triple H, who is now in charge of the brand, has opened up the doors for performers who are already established in other promotions or on the independent wrestling circuit. Since James Storm and Samoa Joe, both of whom worked with AJ in TNA, were signed, that paved the way for Styles to do the same.

Two things are working against AJ Styles and a potential contract with NXT. Age and injuries. The fact that he is already 38-years-old works against him a bit, even though Triple H has shown that he is willing to take on older performers. Management can be convinced to overlook the age if they feel that Styles can be a marketing asset. In regards to injuries, however, the company has been taking extreme precautions, as they have been bombarded with various lawsuits from former performers looking to cash in.

Wrestling news AJ Styles injured

AJ Styles retirement

Even though a lot of performers can work well past 38, do not be shocked if AJ Styles opts to retire from professional wrestling. While he is very much passionate about the business, he also has bigger priorities in life. Styles is well known in the industry for being a family man. He doesn’t like to party, and he enjoys being able to go home to his wife and kids. If he feels that the injuries are no longer worth it, then he would gladly walk away and be able to do normal things with his children.

An AJ Styles retirement would rob professional wrestling fans of the chance to finally see him on the main roster in WWE. The Georgia native has long been considered one of the best overall performers in the world. World Wrestling Entertainment is the biggest wrestling promotion in the world, and it is considered a dream job by most everyone that enters the business. While fans would be upset at the thought, Styles would be more than fine with it because he knows he has already had a tremendous career.

Do you think these injuries will finally force AJ Styles into signing with WWE before it is too late?

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