WWE Rumors: Kevin Owens Returning, Joining League of Nations

The latest WWE rumors has Kevin Owens making a return to Monday Night Raw tomorrow and joining the League of Nations stable, according to Wrestling Inc.

Kevin Owens returning and joining League of Nations

Last week, fans who attended Monday Night Raw in person were disappointed because they did not get to see Kevin Owens perform. The WWE Intercontinental Champion was advertised as one of the wrestlers that would be working the television taping that night. When Owens did not show up during the three-hour telecast, many started wondering where he was. It was revealed that he had been sent home by management because he and his child were sick backstage.

Shortly after that, it was reported that Kevin Owens was supposed to have a big role on that episode of Monday Night Raw. WWE had him penciled in as the fifth member of the new League of Nation stables. Owens was to have joined forces with Sheamus, Bad News Barrett, Rusev, and Alberto Del Rio, all of whom are evil foreigners. Well, new reports surfaced over the weekend that Kevin has recovered from his illness and is expected back on television tomorrow. Management will more than likely do his inclusion segment that night.

WWE rumors Kevin Owens returning

Kevin Owens vs Roman Reigns

If WWE wanted to make the most of the League of Nations stable, then they need to stretch things out by having the various members doing everything in their power to keep Roman Reigns away from Sheamus and the WWE Heavyweight Championship. Have him start by feuding with Rusev, who is perceived as the lowest man on the totem pole in the stable. After getting past Rusev, move Reigns up into a program with Bad News Barrett before having him battle it out with Alberto Del Rio.

Since he holds the WWE Intercontinental Championship, the belief is that Kevin Owens would be the second in command in the League of Nations. A feud between he and Roman Reigns would have already been interesting enough since the two of them clashed during the tournament to crown a new WWE Heavyweight Champion last month. It becomes even more interesting when you add the new wrinkle of the IC Champion protecting the leader of his evil group.

WWE rumors Kevin Owens returning

Kevin Owens turning baby face

The beautiful thing about stables is that it is a great vehicle for someone to do a baby face turn. Kevin Owens has to be considered a candidate since he is well respected by the internet wrestling community already. Many like the Quebec native because he puts on tremendous performances in the ring. It would not be all that inconceivable that fans would root for his character if he dropped his evil ways. A simple way for WWE to do that is by having Owens screwing over Sheamus and declaring that he wants his chance at the world heavyweight championship.

Once Kevin Owens turns baby face, then the creative department will have a couple of easy months booking his character. He would enter into feuds with his former stablemates. Owens could tear through Rusev, Bad News Barrett, and Alberto Del Rio in much the same way that Roman Reigns should. The culmination of this series would end up with Kevin challenging Sheamus for the WWE Heavyweight Champion at a pay per view. Fans would surely be behind him by that point.

Do you think that Kevin Owens should join the League of Nations before turning into a baby face?

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