California Shooting Triggers Action To Attack, Defend, Divide, And Unite Muslims

Since the California shootings took place at a center in San Berardino last week, investigators have continued to learn and release new information on the couple who committed the crime.

Aside from the posted claim of loyalty made to the terrorist group, which more media sources are referring to as Daesh, by the wife of the couple named Tashfeen Malik via Facebook, Reuters is now reporting that investigators have come to believe that the couple had more intended targets in mind.

The source is a senior U.S. government official who also made clear they had no information as to what those multiple sources were, but feel that it would explain the reasons as to why the couple had a stockpile of weapons, which included bullets, pipe bombs, and more guns, recovered from the couple’s vehicle and home.

After the California shootings, which took the lives of 14 people, debate over the incident has increased, with many candidates politicizing the issue for their constituents over gun laws, gun rights, Syrian refugees, as well as citizens on social media.

The debate over the incident not only has a larger than normal majority of people divided on these issues, it’s also enticed media to also publish in a different way where they too became part of the discussion, on a personal level and also more abrasive than usual.

Such as with the New York Daily News where they took the rare case of questioning the agenda of one of the victims in an op-ed, who also left behind evidence of their faith-based perspective with support of controversial political views, which are detailed even further in a post by the Jewish Telegraph Agency, referring to the argument which reportedly escalated the incident.

Of the many issues discussed, many on social media attempt to resolve these matters on their own. Of the topics debates, one of them is the constant issue of other religions against Islam, such as this one provided via twitter, from a person who joined in on a variety of hastags discussions set up by the Sunday morning news shows, when the program suggested more Muslims on the ground, in Iraq and Syria be trained to fight Daesh.

The California shootings also took place after President Obama had announced post-Thanksgiving that there was no indication from U.S. intelligence that there would be a terrorist attack.

But the California shootings have also caused extremist militia groups to open carry protest in front of Mosques throughout the nation, making the debate more confrontational offline.

In one case, a group referring to itself as Bureau of American Islamic Relations (BAIR) — which appears to be a twist on the CAIR or the Council on American–Islamic Relations — protested in front of a Islamic mosque in Irving, Texas, which triggered a counter-protest soon after during the last week of November and after the Paris attacks which the Inquisitr reported on.

California shootings have the nation divided Protesters for Rally for Peace counter-protest against BAIR in front is Irving Islamic center. [image by Steve Rainwater via Flickr is under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 2.0 Generic (CC BY-SA 2.0) License]Soon after the protest, the same armed group publicly released the names, phone numbers, and addresses of council members, according to this report by Breitbart, of those who opposed their anti-Sharia law during a previous city council meeting.

The Rally for Peace protesters are already planning a larger event via Facebook, which at the time of this writing, shows that close to 400 people going. The same internet news source also details other protesters involved.

After the California shootings, the New York Times published an article covering the various threats Muslims have reported, where at least one person is considering a concealed gun license to protect himself, after being intimidated and threatened by other concealed gun owners in public.

[Featured image by Joe Raedle/Getty images]