WWE News: WWE Teasing Heel Turn For WWE Diva’s Champion Charlotte

WWE Diva’s Champion Charlotte has been impressive in her short time with WWE. Despite what many assume, Charlotte had no training in her background before coming to WWE. She is the daughter of Ric Flair, but that is by no means meaning that she is as good as he was. Some assume that she is the female version of what he is, which hurts her at times. Being compared to a legend like Flair is very hard to deal with.

Charlotte won her championship from Nikki Bella and has since started to defend it against the likes of Paige, as it looked like Paige was getting the big heel spot. Meanwhile, Charlotte has cost her friend Becky Lynch a win twice in a week. First it was on WWE RAW when she tricked her into believing she was hurt, then taking advantage of that. The second was on SmackDown when she cost her a match right when she was about to win. Lynch does not seem to understand Charlotte at this point, and it very well could lead to something soon.

WWE is seemingly confirming that a turn might be coming, as they put this out on WWE.com about the Charlotte situation on Sunday.

WWE News testing heel turn
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“We’re seeing a different side of Charlotte lately, and it’s not one that agrees with the Divas Champion’s longtime friend, Becky Lynch. On Raw, the daughter of two-time WWE Hall of Famer Ric Flair took a page out of her dad’s playbook when she feigned an injury to take Becky off her game and steal a victory over The Lass Kicker in what was supposed to be a friendly bout. Then, on SmackDown, a hot-headed Charlotte got Becky disqualified in her match with Brie Bella. Although Charlotte’s interference was in retaliation after Brie accidentally knocked the Divas Champion down at ringside, the second-generation Diva seemingly had no regard for how her actions would affect her friend. Are we now seeing the ‘real’ Charlotte?”

While we first thought WWE was putting Paige in the top heel spot, it looks like they feel they have to move Charlotte now as well. Nikki Bella is currently out with various injuries and could end up needing neck surgery. There are some who even believe her career is over. WWE has been silent on the issue, but fans are sure they’ll know all about this during WWE Total Divas next season, because why not, right?

Sasha Banks on WWE RAW
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Regardless, there is a need for more heels in the division and this little tease by WWE makes us believe that a turn is coming soon. Many assume that Team BAD is a team of heels and Brie Bella is also considered a heel. However, it appears as if the WWE Divas have no side outside of the top two in Paige and Charlotte. Ever since Nikki left, the division has been pretty unclear on alignments. Teams are still intact, barring PCB, but heel and face ideology has gone out the window.

Bella being gone for an extended period of time is a big blow to WWE, regardless of what fans want to think of her. She will need to be replaced and due to Charlotte having an easy heel ability that has yet to be used, it would make total sense to turn her now more than ever. Plus, this allows for Charlotte to have rivalries with people like her friend, Becky Lynch, as well as a babyface Sasha Banks, whom the fans seem to be behind more than anyone else in the Diva’s division.

At last word, WWE wanted to use Sasha Banks in a major way leading into WrestleMania 32. That said, this whole heel turn with Charlotte could be the set up to a rivalry with Banks and Charlotte that could culminate on the grandest stage of them all for the two WWE Divas. This is something most fans could get behind for sure.

[Image via WWE]