‘Work Out New York’ Bravo Show Premiere Hits Airwaves After ‘RHOA’ [Video]

The new Bravo reality TV show called Work Out New York premiered on Sunday, December 6. The season 1, episode 1 was titled “Survival of the Fittest,” and the description of the new work-out reality show proves that it should display a fascinating mix of exercise pheromones and personality drama. On Instagram, #workoutnewyork already has 520 posts. On Twitter, #workoutnewyork has yet to trend, but that could soon change — and seeing as though Work Out New York has a prime time slot following the Real Housewives of Atlanta on Sunday nights, which currently has RHOA trending, the #workoutnewyork or #wony could indeed trend soon.

“Elite personal trainers view for top clients while indulging in rivalries and romance; Layla and Jay’s romance loses some of its heat; Lena seeks guidance from indoor cycling instructor Holly; rumors spread about a new trainer’s background.”

The Layla and Jay mentioned are Layla Luciano and her boyfriend Jay. Layla can be seen on Instagram offering plenty of pretty photos and videos, and publicity for the Work Out New York Bravo show, and appears to be one of the central figures of the new series. On Layla’s website, all of Luciano’s skills as an aerialist, fitness model, and celebrity trainer are on full display, along with her beauty. Layla showed how her mom was a trainer, and that her boyfriend Jay is a trainer as well. It’s a decision that Luciano said she wasn’t sure was her best or worst choice. In the premiere episode, Jay was upset that his girlfriend of four months wouldn’t be available to him that day.


“Celebrity Trainer/Instructor, Model, Martial Artist, Aerialist, Lifelong Vegetarian known for high intensity, exhilarating kick-a** workouts “

As reported by Racked, some of the other cast members of Work Out New York include Holly Rilinger, a woman who once played professional basketball. Holly also teaches Flywheel’s cycling classes. Rilinger’s range in the exercise world runs the gamut from personal training to running training camps worldwide.


The full cast of Work Out New York can be seen on the Bravo website. The cast’s modeling shots and muscles are on full display, along with their workouts and personal relationships. It’s a team sport that shows how the industry has changed and become more than it was back in the Jane Fonda workout days.

Lena Marti is another Work Out New York cast member, and a fascinating one, seeing as though Lena competes in fitness competitions as a bikini competitor.

“Bikini Competitor 3x #ND ▪️ NASM.CPT.CES.PES.WLS ▪️ Orange Theory Fitness ▪️ Crunch 19th St. Personal Trainer”

The second episode of Work Out New York, which is set to air on Sunday, December 13, is named “Feel the Burn.” According to that description, Layla and Jay’s relationship tension continues to build — and clips of the Work Out New York show display why that could happen. Luciano is shown as a larger-than-life personality with a big voice, big gorgeous hair, and a huge presence in fitness.

“Questions continue to arise about Joe’s background; the tension between Layla and Jay builds; Noah hosts a GQ event, which causes a fracas among the other trainers; Holly dives back into the dating scene.”

Work Out New York peels back the curtain of the popular fitness world, where personal trainers engage with one another and their clients — and try to avoid those clients getting stolen by other personal trainers. It’s a big business that can involve plenty of passion, sweat, and love.


The fitness industry was called a very sexy and lucrative business, with sweaty and grunting people willing to pay good money to keep their bodies in shape.

[Image via Bravo]